Give us this day our daily bread shoes

Stumbling across Bread Shoes was a pleasure cruise through bizarre waters. They’re quirky and funny–and utterly strange. Naturally, we had many questions for the designers, twin brothers R&E Praspaliauskas: “Is the bread’s crust hardened with anything? Will these slippers grow mould? Will they go stale?” We detected some playfulness in their design—slippers made from loaves of bread, c’mon—but the joke was still on us.

Bread Shoes transcend function. The brothers Praspaliauskas, who “create experimental design and design concepts” in their Vilnius, Lithuania studios, designed and crafted these slippers to test our reaction. So they’re having fun. Possibly at our expense. But the slippers are functional, apparently. According to the designers, they “feel good in dry climates and come with a concept,” they say. “Let it be a souvenir.” These keepsakes come in a variety of shades and styles, including “Black”—almost a pumpernickel or dark rye. Like a grandpa who cracks wise, they’re very homey.

Both brothers have worn Bread Shoes for five years. “One [pair] is dead, the other is fine,” say the twins. The slippers will go mushy and even mouldy, but are hilarious and one hundred percent edible (before you put them on your feet, obviously). An adventurous and peculiar design, a few styles have already sold out. Bread Shoes is a shared gag–the point is to laugh and have fun with them. The slippers are available for 62 euros at

The Praspaliauskases next venture? “Twin Peaks Parfum.” Your guess is as good as ours on that one.

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