Fashion news: Gaga crashes McQueen show, LiLo’s leggings winner and Chanel’s barnyard

When Lady Gaga announced, via Twitter, that Alexander McQueen would premiere her new single at his Spring 2010 show, streamed live yesterday afternoon, the swarm crashed the servers and we all ended up watching the show in choppy slo-mo. All the better to catch a glimpse of the 10-inch heels. [The Cut]

The Chanel show spectacle had it all: Prince, barnyard chic clothing, models romping in the hay, Uncle Karl, and a show-stealing performance by Lily Allen. [Guardian]
French Connection and Versace will both close stores in Japan. FC announced 21 store closures for 2010 based on the predicted losses for the upcoming year while three Versace boutiques in Japan will call it quits before the inevitable floundering. [Bloomberg] [My Fashion Life]

Germany’s women’s magazine Brigitte has announced it will replace its models with “real life” women. “For years we’ve had to use Photoshop to fatten the girls up,” said editor-in-chief Andreas Lebert. “Especially their thighs, and decolletage. But this is disturbing and perverse and what has it got to do with our real reader?” The change also comes after reader complaints about the ubiquity of size zero models in the magazine and their inability to identify with such a false body image. [Guardian]

Lindsay Lohan has chosen Candice Aman’s design as the winner of FabSugar’s 6126 leggings design contest. Aman’s design will be part of the Spring 2010 6126 collection. “It was amazing to see so many interpretations of what our customers think are great leggings,” says Lohan in a release. “I had a hard time choosing the winner but Candice’s design had a sexy edge that fit into my overall inspiration for spring.”

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