Topshop has launched a music festival style collection with Kate Bosworth: See all 21 Topshop Festival items now

Kate Bosworth Topshop Festival Style
Kate Bosworth Topshop Festival Style

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Just in time for this summer’s music festival season, Topshop is launching an interactive campaign called Topshop Festival. Inspired by the energy of the ever-growing popularity of British music festivals and its fashion, the campaign includes music, movies and, of course, must-have products. Even better, Topshop turned to Kate Bosworth—a Coachella devotee who’s always embraced the festival fashion trend—to help create some items for the collection. It’s not a collaboration, per say, but more of a Bosworth-approved edit of the Topshop Festival collection.

Working with the Topshop design team, Bosworth created items that extend the actress’s style and work hand in hand with the Topshop brand. The special 21-piece collection consists of signature pieces ranging from neon printed shorts, fur lined vests, gladiator sandals and even feathered wings. And before you click through to our gallery of all the Topshop Festival items—you may have already seen them: Bosworth wore many of the items at this year’s Coachella festival.

If acquiring Kate Bosworth’s impeccable festival style is not exciting enough, the actress also stars in a short interactive film that will launch on The interaction is the best part: every item Bosworth is wearing in the film can be clicked, shared and purchased! Now that’s taking shopping to a whole new level. And for Toronto-based fans of festival style, select pieces from the collection are now available at Topshop Queen Street and Yorkdale.