Fasion news: Model Ellen Harth dies at 71, DVF robbed in Madrid and a bunch of collaborations

Model Ellen Harth. Image via WWD.com
Model Ellen Harth. Image via WWD.com

Sixties model Ellen Harth died Sunday at the age of 71. The Berlin-born Harth modelled for many top designers in her youth, eventually going on to open her own modelling agency, which would become an offshoot of Elite Models. [WWD]

Diane Von Furstenberg was mugged this past weekend in Madrid. DVF tweeted about the initial incident, then followed up with a “Please stop worrying about me” tweet. What did she expect? [CityFile]

Cindy Crawford has no desire to walk the catwalk again: “I don’t want to stand next to a 20-year-old on the runway, even if people say you can still do it. It is like, ‘Why would I do that to myself?’ It would just make me depressed,” she said. And standing next to Cindy Crawford would make the rest of us depressed. [The Cut]

Macy’s is launching a men’s label called Threads & Heirs that will feature a lineup of guest designers. “Target has had great success taking higher and more advanced designers to the masses,” said Macy’s vice president and men’s fashion director Durand Guion. So basically, they’re copying Target–but who isn’t. Ruffian’s Brian Wolk and Claude Morais will be first to design a men’s line for Spring 2010. [Fashionista]

Mulberry is set to launch a collection of accessories in association with Apple—helping to keep our shiny little Mac devices stylish and clean. Leather and printed sleeves for Macbooks and iPhones from $250 to $1195 will go on sale in November. Mulberry has also just launched doggy outfits—another accessory highly coveted these days. I guess they are trying to design the types of practical items people will actually buy—even in a recession. [Fashionista, Couture in the City]