How to get snapped at fashion week: 11 street-approved Style Panel tips for getting noticed

Fashion Week Street Style Panel

Fashion Week Street Style Panel

Ah street style, the once treat and now staple of fashion week. It’s become a full time job for those on both sides of the camera and whether or not that’s a silly fact, it’s a fact indeed. After a month full of street style creeping outside the Spring 2014 shows, all eyes will be on Toronto Fashion Week and we’re not about to let those international experts out play us.

While being in the spotlight isn’t always easy, we asked our trusty Style Panelists give us the scoop on how they get snapped without sacrificing their own personal style.

First up to offer her style advice is new Style Panel member, Ruta Rudminaite. The 22-year-old Toronto blogger feels that with street style, nowadays, anything is fair game and that the most important consideration to make is to wear whatever you’re rocking with confidence. The way you hold yourself when you walk down the street in your outfit du jour is what gets photographers to notice you.

We also welcome Northern Style’s Kira Paran to our Style Panel, whose answer to this week’s challenge question is to stick with classic pieces and tailored clothing. When your outfit is sculpted to flatter your body type, it will give you a confidence boost and get noticed.

After a month full of street style watching from New York to Paris and beyond, here’s 11 tips to get noticed right here at home:

Question 73: Street style is a tricky business. What are your tips for dressing to get snapped (without compromising your personal style)? Read the answers now! »


Fashion Week Street Style Cara McLeay

Cara McLeay, 28
Vancouver | A Fashion Love Affair

“During fashion week, I definitely make sure to stick to my style, but turned up a notch…I have worn all of the pieces in this outfit before, but I decided to knot the top to do something different and make the outfit really stand out. I think that is the key to getting photographed is to be comfortable in “your” type of outfit, but also* sure to step out of the box and push yourself!”

Cara’s wearing: Tee, Sincerely Jules. Skirt, Zara. Shoes, Zimmermann. Bag, Celine.

Fashion Week Street Style Sandy Joe Karpetz

Sandy Joe Karpetz, 25
Edmonton| The Pretty Secrets

When I want an outfit that will be worthy of a street style photograph, I firstly consider a colour palette that will pop. After I’ve decided on my eye-catching hues, then I move on to texture and shape. For this particular outfit I’ve paired a light, wildly geometric patterned silk blouse with a heavy brocade tapestry skirt I sewed from a curtain. The different weights of fabric combined with the bumblebee palette, makes for a striking outfit.

Sandy’s wearing: Blouse, vintage Susan Van Heusen. Skirt, vintage Pretty Secrets. Socks, Club Monaco. Platform shoes, Zara. Clutch, vintage. Sunglasses, Nordstrom.

Fashion Week Street Style Nicole Wilson

Nicole Wilson, 29
Toronto | Dainty Girl

To me, street style should always be a little edgy and 100% wearable. Sure, I could probably get snapped by a street style photographer if I dressed like Lady Gaga at the VMAs but let’s be honest – that not reflective of true street style and it’s certainly not effortless. For my street style look, I wore a fitted burgundy leather peplum with distressed denim and ankle booties. It touches on key fall trends without looking like I’m trying too hard. I added a sleek ponytail for a slightly more high-fashion look.
Other tips for street style cred: BOLD colours, mixing prints, mixing textures and unique accessories. Have fun with it!

Nicole’s wearing: Top, Le Chateau. Pants, Guess. Shoes, Ann Taylor. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff, Bracelet, Shop for Jayu. Watch, Michael Kors.

Fashion Week Street Style Leah Gust
Photography by Peter Chatterton

Leah Gust, 31
Toronto | Leah Says’

Street style photographers have taken over in recent years so how do you catch their eye? First, stretch your fashion muscle and wear what you dare! That said, don’t dress too far out of your comfort zone – you’ll look and photograph your best when you feel good. Second, pick a focus for your look whether that be that a colour scheme, an accessory or a striking jacket. You want to build an outfit that creates an immediate impact. Finally, have fun! Fashion shouldn’t be too serious. Pick a look you love and rock it!

Leah’s wearing: Cardigan, vintage. Skirt, vintage. Brooch, vintage. Shirt, Joe Fresh. Tights, Joe Fresh. Sunglasses, London Market. Necklace, Green Bijou. Shoes, vintage Doc Martens.

Fashion Week Street Style Ruta Rudminaite

Ruta Rudminaite, 22
Toronto | Look Ugly in a Photograph

When it comes to street style, anything goes, although the one necessary ingredient is confidence. Whatever you decide to wear, you have wear it so when passerbys look at you, they see someone who is fully comfortable with what they are wearing. Countless times I see women in incredible outfits, but they seem to be withdrawing into their clothes as though they’re hiding within the folds of the fabric. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you’re wearing, but what matters is the confidence in how you wear it. Therefore, when you head out the door, wear whatever you want, but make sure to “own it”. I’ve seen my fair share of outfits that I would never wear myself, but because the individuals were showing off full confidence, it made what they were wearing look amazing. At the end of the day there’s no need to compromise your personal style to feel comfortable on the street, just work on becoming confident with what you’re wearing. It honestly makes all the difference. Confidence goes a long way (even if you have to fake it at first).

Ruta’s wearing: Dress, Asos. Cardigan and belt, vintage. Hat, Aldo. Tie, Rack Scarf. Boots, Minnentonka. Bag, Coach. Tights, Silks.

Fashion Week Street Style Amy Nelson

Amy Nelson, 19
Calgary | Amy Flying a Kite

If you want a street style photographer to notice you, you have to stand out. You don’t have to put together the wildest or most on-trend outfit to be noticed. You just have to wear something that makes you look different from everybody else walking the same street without compromising who you are.

Four years ago I met the man behind the street style blog, Mr.Newton. I asked him what he looked for when deciding on who to put in front of the lens. His answer was “Originality and believability.”

When getting dressed, put together something that makes you feel confident and beautiful but remember to have fun with it! There is nothing worse than a person who tries too hard to put together a standout style. If you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing, others will notice you for all of the wrong reasons. You want to wear your clothes, not have your clothes wear you.

You can add splashes of color to your outfit, wear vintage pieces, add embellishments and accessories, but the most important of all is to let your personality show through your clothing. Let the bunny on my dress represent gentleness and love for animals while the bright red hat and tights represent my fire and quirkiness. At the end of the day, dressing for your own enjoyment is better than dressing for the applause! Just be yourself.

Fashion Week Street Style Kassandra Camponi

Kassandra Camponi, 26
Edmonton | Kastles

Street Style has exploded. Everyone & anyone wants their photo snapped. Is there a key to getting your photo taken? I am not quite sure. There are a few things I have noticed from the hours I have spent pursuing street style snaps.

Make a statement: This could be a bold jacket, mixing prints, or an extravagant necklace; the photographers take notice of all of this.

Shoes, shoes & more shoes: From the Valentino studded pumps to thigh high boots, you can’t go wrong with wearing a wicked pair of kicks.

Classics: think stripes, a good peacoat and a classic Chanel bag. These pieces are timeless & the photographers know that.

My take on a street style look: I am one who loves a good statement piece and a good print. So I picked a few of my favourite goodies and just went with it. In the end, just be true to yourself and your personal style.

Fashion Week Street Style Nichole Alabi

Nichole Alabi, 27
Toronto | Nichole Alabi

My trick to getting snapped without compromising my personal style is to wear an unexpected accessory. Typically, I am not big on accessories; I only invest in statement bags that I absolutely love and I only wear jewellery that is special to me. With that being said, my street style snaps can get a bit redundant. So I try to pack a punch with a piece no one saw coming; my of cobalt blue leather gloves are a good example!

Nichole’s wearing: Top, Asos. Skirt, Alabi. Boots, Aldo. Gloves, H&M. Watch, Michael Kors. Sunglasses, Prada.

Fashion Week Street Style Kira Paran

Kira Parn, 29
Edmonton | Northern Style Exposure

Think classic timeless pieces with a great tailored fit. Trends come and go but clothing with a flattering fit can give you the natural confidence to be noticed. My tip is to always try on clothing before you buy it. “Try before you buy,” will save you from buying a piece that is great in theory on the hanger but doesn’t work for your body or could be the wrong size. My second tip is to invest in timeless classic pieces. Think “fashion forward for the future”. It will help you find pieces that will last you seasons instead of just a few months. I get so much wear out of this leather jacket because it is a slim cut and it fits me like a glove.

Kira’s wearing: Jacket, Mackage. Trousers and tank, J.Crew. Bag, Marc Jacobs.

Fashion Week Street Style Becky Kung

Becky Kung, 30
Calgary | Velvet & Vino

I live out the motto in my personal style that fashion and trends are important, however it’s about pairing our outfits to illustrate who we are and reflect our personality through our personal style. Having said that, our own street style should be defined by what we feel most comfortable in, which in itself allows us to stand out in our individual fashion expressions and creativity.

Becky’s wearing: Hat, Winners by Raffaello Bettini. Sweater, Winners by RD Style Research and Design. Leggings, H&M. Skirt, Dynamite. Boots, Target. Scarf, American Eagle. Belt, Winners by Steve Madden.

Fashion Week Street Style Kayla Short

Kayla Short, 26
Halifax | Short Presents

I like what I wear, and I wear what I like, and I’ll make no apologies for it. Street style is a tricky business because fashion and style are very subjective. What I may like (and feel confident in) may not be your cup of tea, and may not even be mine in years to come, but personally this is what I LOVE about fashion! What a boring world we would live in if we all dressed the same!!

The best advice for preparing to get snapped is to find your own personal style (what ever that may be) and own it! You should never sacrifice your own style just to get snapped; even though I do think it’s great to push yourself to try new things. You should always feel confident in what you are wearing. If you are uncomfortable, it will most definitely show up on film; whether in your body language (as evident by fidgeting/tugging and pulling at your clothes throughout the shoot) or your facial expressions (grumpy face). Once you know what you want to wear I would also suggest that a good tailor and clothing iron with some bang-on lighting can really go a long way.

Kayla is wearing: Skirt, eShakti c/o. Jumper, Banana Republic. Pumps, Aldo. Watch, Fossil. Bangle, Alex and Ani.

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