Fashion News: Wear ALT on your chest, Tavi’s first styling gig and Miranda Kerr is pregnant (officially, this time)

We would have expected an ALT caftan. Image via Refinery 29

She may be too young to drink, drive and vote, but she’s not too young to style. Behold Tavi‘s stylist debut in Blackbook. [The Cut]

Celebrating Fashion’s Night Out, Début boutique in New York will sell a Faces of Fashion limited edition collection of T-shirts featuring the mugs of André Leon Talley, Lynn Yaeger, Olivier Zahm and others. [Refinery 29]

According to the Guardian, no one dressed well this week. For their weekly “fashionista” feature, they admit they are “forced to come to the conclusion that no one dressed well this week. Literally no one. The stylists of the world must all be on holiday.” [Guardian]

Those poor souls over at Elle are fighting a battle for their office against an army of bedbugs. A team of specially trained beagles is on the case, but we wonder how Olivia Palermo is taking all of this. [Observer]

Hermès‘ just-launched (I love my scarf) is the French company’s answer to Burberry‘s Art of the Trench. [New York Times]

Breaking! Breaking! Miranda Kerr (supermodel wife of Orlando Bloom) is officially pregnant.  [People]

British department store Selfridges just had a little falling out with Dolce & Gabbana. After a quibble over the placement over the Milan fashion house’s lines in the store, they’ve pulled D&G and Dolce & Gabbana all together. [Vogue UK]

Kanye West is cleaning up his act with a new sartorial mandate, which he refers to as “the Rosewood Movement.” Henceforth, he and his entourage won’t be caught dead in anything less than a tailored suit. They’ve been wearing Dior Homme all week. [WWD]

LBD” is now a word in the Oxford English Dictionary. The OED hasn’t made fashion news since “bootylicious” was added 5 years ago. [InStyle via The Cut]

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