Fashion news: The World Cup trophy’s luxe home, Christian Lacroix has a new gig and Victoria’s Secret for Halloween

Photography by Action Images, courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The World Cup was handed over to the victorious Spanish football team in a Louis Vuitton case. We’re glad to see that when it isn’t in the hands of sweaty European soccer players, the trophy keeps it luxe.

Take a peak at the Prada Fall 2010 campaign trailer. [YouTube]

A Lady Gaga impersonation contest in New York City only drew 11 contestants. Goes to show that when it comes to jewel encrusted corsets and body suits, New Yorkers just have better things to do. [WWD]

Roberto Cavalli is celebrating the company’s 40th birthday with a series of special edition items, such as a collection of leopard skinny jeans, cashmere scarves and a new fragrance. [Racked]

Not surprising: A study shows that 7 per cent of women apply makeup behind the wheel. Surprising: 8 per cent of men shave while driving. [Style List]

Rumours have it that Victoria’s Secret will sell a collection of Halloween costumes this year, bringing to mind only a slew of Mean Girls references. [Nylon via Huffington Post]

Christies will be auctioning off 65 rare Hermès bags this Wednesday. The collection, which could transform even the most refined bag-lover into a salivating fool, features Birkins, Kelly’s and Pochettes dating back as the 60’s. [Vogue UK]

Catholics in Australia are outraged that rosaries are being cheaply sold as accessories. Catholic authority Madge Fahy remarked, “don’t wear them unless you’re prepared to use them for what they’re made for. They’re not a fashion item.”  [StyleIte]

Designer Christian Lacroix has just been named the artistic adviser of La Monnaie de Paris, where he will be designing limited edition coins and medals. He will also be revamping a French tram line to look like a “friendly underwater monster,” complete with small fish, embroidery and sequins. We hope TTC authorities take a hint. [Fashionista]

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