Fashion news: Robin Kay speaks out about the Holts FWeek breakfast [updated], Canadians are safe shoppers and Shu Uemura to cease U.S. operations

Allegations made by models of  Terry Richardson‘s inappropriate behaviour haven’t seemed to effect his career or his reputation, as the photographer was back to work, shooting model Doutzen Kroes for Vogue in Miami yesterday. [Vogue UK]

FDCC prez Robin Kay spoke out at yesterday’s Holt Renfrew‘s media breakfast, which showcased work from five Canadian designers who don’t show at LG Fashion Week. (Watch for our coverage of the event later today.) Holts brought in Vogue writer Mark Holgate, who will not be attending the main event at the Allstream Centre [UPDATE: Mark Holgate attended the IZMA show on Sunday night with Holt Renfrew’s communications director, Moira Wright.] Kay told the Toronto Star: “Holt Renfrew is a sponsor – with their largesse they should have made a point of bringing that gentleman to the site to see that we are a fashion week and to see designers he may not have heard of. That’s a sponsor’s duty and responsibility.” For Holts’ part, their fashion VP Barbara Atkin said: ““[Bringing these designers to fashion week] is something we’ve talked about and we are in discussions about.” [Toronto Star, via Toronto Life]

With J.Crew scouting locations and Victoria’s Secret‘s plans to open four north-of-the-49th stores, Canada has become the ‘it’ place for retailers looking to open international stores–because we’re nearby and not that exotic, apparently. Says the Wall Street Journal: “Canadians tend to be slower, steadier shoppers than Americans, with a preference for higher-quality goods and more interest in outdoor looks.” Gotta love the stereotypes, eh. [The Cut]

Shu Uemura Cosmetics is closing up shop in the US. L’Oréal USA announced the decision was based on their desire to expand the larger brands in the Luxury Division (like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren), “not because the brand isn’t vibrant and beautiful.” We do hear, however, that L’Oréal is going to expand Shu Uemura in Canada and that U.S. customers can still buy on the company’s website. [WWD]

Beth Ditto is on the cover of Paper magazine’s Beautiful People issue, and shares her tendency toward stealing from discount retailers and thrift stores: “I have a hard time not buying or stealing…If I want something, I have to have it.” But Ditto has reformed: “The last time was three months ago—a dress from Marshalls. I used to steal more. I mostly stole from Goodwill. You know, ‘Can’t be bothered. The line’s too long. Put it in your purse.’” [Styleite]

American Apparel announced last week that profits are down 23%, 1,500 employees were canned in September due to their (illegal) immigrant status and the private equity firm that took over the company has clamped down on AA’s spending which is hindering expansion. Oh–and maybe consumers are tired of neon spandex leggings and unitards. [Jezebel]

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