Fashion news: Hells Angels sue McQueen, Lara Stone wins her French Playboy lawsuit, and Lily Allen’s Pretty Woman moment

Photography by Peter Stigter
Photography by Peter Stigter

Hells Angels has a bone to pick with Alexander McQueen. The motorcycle club is suing the label for misusing its trademark winged death motif on ring and a handbag. [Vogue UK]

Lily Allen spoke to The Telegraph about her ‘Pretty Woman moment’ when she walked into an upscale boutique after becoming “a newly wealthy teenager.”  She recalls: “All these snooty shop assistants were staring at me as if I couldn’t afford their clothes so I bought way too much stuff just to show that I could.” [The Telegraph]

Lara Stone has won her suit against French Playboy, who published nude images of the gap-toothed model without her permission. [Fashionologie]

Model and Victoria’s Secret angel Selita Ebanks on her first and last meeting with Anna Wintour 10 years ago: “I had on Timberland boots. I had on corduroy high-water flooded beige pants with a button-down plaid shirt,” she said. “I walk into the office, I got maybe two steps into the room and I look and it’s amazing Ms. Anna Wintour. She goes [makes a dismissive hand gesture] and dismisses me.” Ebanks hasn’t appeared in Vogue since. [Huffington Post]

The Mona Lisa wore Louis Vuitton? In Jason Alper‘s world she did. The costume designer, stylist and Sacha Baron Cohen collaborator has re-covered classical paintings with the iconic logo for a show in L.A. [Styleite]

Kanye West has dismissed his coterie of models: The outspoken rapper is no longer following anyone on Twitter. [The Cut]

Topshop has recreated Kate Moss‘ bedroom in their flagship shop windows in New York and London to celebrate the supermodel’s final collection for the fast fashion retailer. [Inside-Out]

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