Photography by Richard Bernardin, styling by Zeina Esmail. Hair and makeup, Geneviève Lenneville for Folio/ Nars/Oribe. Fashion assistant, Julianne Costigan for

FASHION Magazine February 2017 Cover: Bregje Heinen

Photography by Richard Bernardin, styling by Zeina Esmail. Hair and makeup, Geneviève Lenneville for Folio/ Nars/Oribe. Fashion assistant, Julianne Costigan for

Our cover girl Bregje Heinen’s piercing blue eyes, pillowy lips and enviable curves have made her a favourite at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and an ideal model for sexy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spreads. She even made a cameo in Maroon 5’s “Payphone” music video. We caught up with the Dutch bombshell to talk body confidence, model mentors and midnight snacks.

How were you discovered?
“I was contacted by an agency in Holland on a website similar to Facebook. At first, I was skeptical and questioned whether or not it was a legitimate offer. But my dad looked into it and the whole family came to the first meeting.”

Who are your modelling heroes?
“I love Christy Turlington. I think she’s the most stunning woman to ever walk the planet and she’s such a natural beauty.”

Who are your favourite designers and why?
“There are so many designers I love, but Olivier Rousteing is definitely my favourite. Every piece he makes is stunning, and he continues to amaze me with each new collection.”

What do you like to wear when lounging at home?
“I always wear sweatpants and my fiancé’s T-shirts around the house.”

What’s your guilty pleasure?
“I have the worst sweet tooth! But my guiltiest pleasure would probably be Taco Bell. I also love drinking tea with four sugars and eating ice cream in the middle of the night.”

What was your first tattoo?
“It was a small heart. There was no real meaning behind it; I just wanted a tattoo and thought it was cute. My advice for anyone considering a tattoo is to really make sure you want this on your body forever. I am in the middle of removing four tattoos, but I’m keeping the first one.”

You have a French Bulldog. How old is she? Did you always have dogs growing up?
“I have three French Bulldogs! Norma is five-months-old and I also have a two-year-old and a four-year-old. I love them; they are the best dogs! I had a Beagle growing up, and I’ve always loved animals.”

What would your ultimate date be?
“My ultimate date is dinner and a movie, honestly. I’m pretty simple—I love going to the movies.”

What’s your foolproof outfit for a romantic evening?
“For an anniversary dinner, I like to really dress up and wear a nice pair of heels.”

What’s the one piece in your closet that makes you feel sexy every time you put it on?
“I have a beautiful, simple black Dolce & Gabbana dress that I love. It really shows off my curves.”

What was the most challenging part of transitioning from a runway model to a lingerie and swimwear model?
“For me, it wasn’t challenging, but it didn’t happen overnight. My first lingerie job was the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2011. It had always been my dream, so I was very excited to walk the runway.”

How do you prepare for a lingerie shoot?
“About a day or two before shooting, I try not to eat too many sweets and I like to get in a gym session the day before. Most importantly, I drink lots of water.”

Tell us about one of your most memorable lingerie shoots.
“That would be my first shoot with Victoria’s Secret. It was with Adriana Lima, which was very special. It was great to see her do her thing on set and to learn from her.”

What are your tricks for looking confident in lingerie in front of the camera?
“Just be confident and happy with yourself and it will show on the outside.”

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