What You Need to Know About iOS 10.1 and The New #portraitmode

For photo nerds like me, the ƒ/1.8 aperture (hello #PortraitMode!) and six-element lens make the new iPhone7 way better for shooting photos and videos in low light. This means it’s more like a DSLR than a phone now, and the vibrant colour capture pumps up your reds and oranges so they look like they actually do IRL. The new Portrait Mode gives you that shallow depth of field look that everyone is trying to achieve: Your subject is nice and sharp yet the background is softened out:

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Dust and dunk protection: Toilet/bath/water-bowl-dunk resistant: It’s an “IP67 rating.” That means the phone is protected from harmful dust and immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 metre (or 3.2 feet) for up to 30 mins—seriously! (But don’t start chucking your phone in the pool.)

Wireless headphones: the phone comes with an adapter so you can still use your old plug headphones, but the wireless ones will pair with the phone by just placing them on the screen. One super cool part is that the buds know when they’re in your ears and will switch from playing out loud on the phone to your ears. AND if you remove one bud, the music will pause! Very cool.

Optical image stabilization: iPhone 7 comes with optical image stabilization to reduce blur associated with motion and handshake. A sensor helps the lens counteract even the tiniest movement, allowing for up to three-times longer exposure compared to iPhone 6s. This means that your FB live posts won’t look like you’re experiencing an earthquake!

Quad-LED True Tone flash: Four smart LEDs flash 50 per cent brighter than the iPhone 6s. The flash adjusts according to the colour temperature of the environment, resulting in sharper, more brightly lit photos. Selfies will now look more even in tone, and you can shoot indoors without the deer-in-headlights look.

Dual Cameras: The iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras so you have a wide angle and a telephoto so you can zero in on details. (In other words, you can check out that girl’s new Chanel purse from a safe distance.)

Now your movies are just like the movies: Videos shot in darker settings with iPhone 7 will look remarkably better, enhanced by optical image stabilization and the ƒ/1.8 aperture. And the 12MP camera captures high-resolution video up to 4K. So you can shoot epic movies of epic moments, even if they’re happening in low light.

4K video: iPhone 7 lets you shoot in 4K resolution, with over 8 million pixels. And you can edit your video in iMovie, then share it instantly.

New 7MP front-facing camera: The FaceTime HD camera is not only higher resolution, but it also uses wide colour capture. So now you can take sharper and more vibrant selfies. Worried about lighting? The Retina Flash matches the ambient light for a shot with natural-looking skin tones (finally).

Photo Tips for iPhone 7 Plus and Portrait Mode

  1. To use this new mode, launch the Camera and select “Portrait.” Once you’re in this mode, you are guided real-time with a live preview of the depth effect, including how to best distance the camera from the subject.
  2. The further your subject is from your background, the more pronounced the blur effect will be.
  3. Shoot against a non-solid background to get the most out of the depth effect.
  4. If shooting more than one person, make sure to keep the people in the same plane so the subjects stays sharp. And be sure to keep the subject under three people.
  5. For iPhone 7 Plus users: Tap one or two times in photos and videos for optical zoom at two times; press and hold to zoom up to 10 times
  6. Swipe to the left to access your camera even faster with iOS 10.
  7. You can now add a filter to your Live Photos and adjust its exposure.
  8. Ask Siri to “take a photo” to launch your camera app.