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Here’s What the FASHION Editors Are Dressing Up as for Halloween

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I’m not big on Halloween so my costumes are always last-minute and tend to reflect whatever is already in my (admittedly extensive) wardrobe. My favourite costume I’ve ever put together this way was when I dressed up as Nathan Fielder (of the comedy show Nathan for You); I just wore a blue button-down oxford and some grey trousers that could pass as men’s pants and a nametag that said “Nathan Fielder, business expert.” It was pretty niche, but everyone who know who he is loved it. This year if I end up ressing up, I’m probably utilize my abundance of flowy black clothing and dress up as a witch: a totally classic costume that I’ve never actually done before. —Isabel Slone, fashion features editor

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My parents’ basement looks a little like a cabaret costume store—a byproduct of me and my two sisters having danced competitively from the ages of six to sixteen. Every Thanksgiving, like clockwork, we all head downstairs to rummage through the racks and buckets of bedazzled dresses in search of fresh Halloween ideas. This year I found something unexpected: an amazing pair of pink and yellow wool plaid pants and a cotton newsboy cap. Both seem to have been worn by a grown man—perhaps by my father at some point in the ’80s—but I haven’t been able to trace their place of origin. I plan to pair my vintage finds with a pastel polo shirt, a cashmere cardigan and a sand wedge. The costume: golfer. When’s the last time you saw something dress up as a golfer? —Meghan McKenna, associate editor

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I’m being a character from Totally Spies with my 2 roommates (group costume). Mainly because it’s a super early 2000s cartoon that we all feel nostalgic about (the fashion and animation is very reminiscent of our childhood) and we get to wear colourful head to toe unitards. I’m going as Clover,the red unitard character, because I just cut my hair and now I have the shortest hair out of all my roommates. —Emilia Miranda Idiens, FASHION intern

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Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My name is Tiffany so everyone always suggests I should go as Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also, it’s a super easy costume to put together. I already had the black dress and pearl necklace so all I had to do was buy black gloves! —Tiffany Voiadzis, junior photo editor

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Couple costumes are little like making out in public: it’s mostly only fun for the couple involved. Everyone else is like, we get it–you love each other. Therefore, because of their inherent obnoxiousness, the least a couple can do when dressing up together is be entertaining. I don’t know whether the costume I’m planning with my girlfriend will actually entertain anyone, but I know the characters we’re going as entertain the fork out of me. The idea is to go as one of TVs best (totally platonic) couples: Michael and Janet from the The Good Place. I already have a suit that will work. And Hannah, like Janet, is not a robot. So, we’re halfway there.—Greg Hudson, features editor