Fake your way to a new fall wardrobe with 7 runway-inspired styling tips

Fendi Fall 2015 shot by Peter Stigter

Cottages, concerts, road trips, Euro trips—summer is the time for applying a YOLO sensibility to your finances. Cue the mid-August swan song and the subsequent fall fashion and beauty trend reports it brings and we’re left to wonder how updating our wardrobe is going to be feasible at all thanks to some pretty hefty credit card bills.

Turns out, there were actually quite a few trends on the Fall 2015 runways that were simply the result of clever styling tricks. What could be easier than changing up your look with some imaginatively placed baubles or by DIY-ing an attention-grabbing necklace? The end of summer is traumatic enough without reconciling yourself to a shame spiral of clothing-induced debt. Click through the gallery below for our top inspirational picks for styling your way to a chic and (cheap) wardrobe this fall.