Mackage footwear
Photograph courtesy of Mackage

Exclusive: Fashion Meets Function in Mackage’s Debut Footwear Line

You no longer have to choose between style and performance.

Montreal-based outerwear brand Mackage is expanding its offering this winter, with the launch of its debut line of footwear.

Approaching the design of the footwear in the same way that they approach their coats, co-chief creative officers Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan set out to design a line of shoes that spoke to the brand’s overall mission to “design avant-garde fashion boasting exceptional craftsmanship and performance.”

Photograph courtesy of Mackage.

Speaking with FASHION about the launch (FYI, pre-orders are now officially open), Eran says the ultimate design goal behind the boots “was very simple: we had the same philosophy going into this project and that was that we knew we could contribute to what was in the market.” Elisa agrees, adding, “For us that means that we will not compromise style for warmth and comfort. Just like our outerwear, [the boots are] a finishing touch to your look.”

mackage footwear
Hero boot. Photograph courtesy of Mackage.

The marriage of fashion and functionality is music to our ears – and the brand hasn’t skimped on either. Available in four styles, including one unisex boot (more on these in a minute), and three colourways (black, neutral and army green), the boots – all of which are handmade by artisanal shoemakers in Italy – have been specifically engineered to withstand North American winters. A range of statement rubber soles provide excellent grip when you’re walking through the snowy streets of Canada in January, water-repellant finishes mean you’ll never be left with cold, wet feet and shearling lining delivers an additional layer of warmth. And speaking of warmth, the boots are engineered to perform in temperatures down to -25 degrees celsius.

The unisex style in the collection is, fittingly, called the Hero boot. The upper of the shoes has been crafted using the same performance fabrics that feature in Mackage’s outerwear offerings, and the style is available with interchangeable laces so you can customize your look depending on your outfit (the brand notes that the one small difference between the men’s and women’s Hero boot is that the women’s style features an insole with a slight lift). “Our Hero boot to me is the ultimate weekender boot,” says Eran. “It can be worn with a cool hoodie or jeans – a nice casual look with edge.”

Elisa also notes the versatility of all styles in the line-up (the Rebelle boot, for example, can be worn three ways) when it comes to completing a winter wardrobe. “They can be dressed up or down, with a midi dress or a more casual look but you won’t have to compromise on being stylish.” For once, we’re glad winter is coming.

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