Did you know that skinny jeans can cause nerve damage?

Photography by Lewis Mirrett
Photography by Lewis Mirrett

While most of us have a love-hate relationship with skinny jeans thanks to their muffin-top-inducing waistbands or mummifying attributes, doctors are warning that some of the damage they cause could be more than emotional.

The tissue compression caused by consistently wearing skinny jeans can apparently lead to nerve damage in the upper thighs, which is known as meralgia paraesthetica. Symptoms of the condition are tingling, numbness and burning in the outer areas of the upper thigh. The condition, which can also be brought on by weight gain or pregnancy, is usually easily fixed by simply wearing looser clothing, but in its most severe form, it requires surgery.

The simple solution is to either opt for a size up or, if you’re really going for a peg-leg look, to find a style with a good amount of stretch woven in. Another thing to keep in mind is that the sky-high heels that are so often coupled with skinnies for a night out will only exacerbate the amount of pressure on your legs’ nerves.

Lesson learned? Give your (upper) legs a little rest! Whether it’s by exploring different fabric blends or silhouettes, sometimes a line needs to be drawn when it comes to fashion slavery.

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