David Beckham gets naked and pulls several wedgies in H&M’s new Guy Ritchie-directed short

Nakedness, wedgies, the paparazzi not spotting its target—oh, the miracles that can happen when you can just bask in the glow of your hotness. In the latest commercial for his underwear collection for H&M, soccer’s ultimate babe David Beckham gives the salivating ladies and gents what they want with this cheeky (womp womp) one and a half minute frolic through the Los Angeles streets wearing nothing but—you guessed it—underwear. The premise is a simple one. His robe got stuck in Posh’s Range Rover! His bulldog locked him out of the house! A classic Guy Ritchie-style chase ensues, as he runs and swims after the speeding car through the streets and backyards getting nakeder and nakeder. Everyone from kids playing soccer, to a couple of unwitting paparazzi, to a busload of tourists is shocked to find Beckham in his undies—but not as shocked as us when he not once, but TWICE pulls a wedgie from between those two famed buttocks. Can you tell we just emerged from a cold shower? Are we creeping you out just a little? S’ok, just watch the video again.

Want even more David Beckham? Watch the behind-the-scenes video below. Haaaay.