Daily reads: Erin Wasson’s treehouse, small feet no longer cool, and Coco Rocha, rockstar

The costumes for Beyoncé’s upcoming tour (designed by Thierry Mugler) look exactly like what you’re imagining–lots of gold, silver and of course that metal glove. [The Cut]

Coco Rocha plays Guitar Hero…or possibly Rock Band. Oh, who are we kidding? It totally doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you watch it. [Oh So Coco, via Fashionista]

Going, going, gone. Size 5 shoes are apparently so démodé. [Glamour]

Want to check out Erin Wasson’s home skatepark and treehouse. (There’s a sentence we never thought we’d say.) [Interview]

Behind the scenes with Matthew Williamson and Daria Werbowy for H&M. [Grazia]


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