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Coach is the Latest Luxury Brand to Go Fur-Free

Gucci. Burberry. Versace. Diane Von Furstenburg. Michael Kors. These are just a few of the designers who have announced in recent months that their labels will eschew the use of fur in all future designs.

Coach is the latest brand to add their name to this growing list. The luxury leather brand has just announced that they will no longer use real fur in their products and have pledged to phase fur out completely by the debut of their Fall 2019 collection next February.

Coach has positioned the move as one that supports the company’s vision of environmental sustainability, as opposed to a decision motivated by animal rights.

“Coach has been committed to advancing sustainable practices for many years, with the introduction of our corporate responsibility goals in 2015. Back then, we laid the groundwork for prioritizing social and environmental initiatives. The decision to go fur-free is a truly meaningful milestone for the brand,” President and CEO of Coach Joshua Schulman said in a statement.

In the wake of fur bans, the demand for faux fur has gone up, and luxury lookalikes have become a bona fide trend. In our August 2018 issue, we tackled the positioning of faux fur as a luxury product and whether or not it’s actually more sustainable than real fur. Read more here.

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