Christmas Gift Ideas For Women: 101 luxe options to thrill so many of the ladies on your list

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

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Fashion Magazine 2012 Holiday Guide

Somehow, shopping for the leading ladies in our lives often proves to be the hardest. The challenge for Christmas gift ideas is to be creative, on trend, and meaningful—not the easiest task, but a necessary one. If you’re shopping for your girlfriend, wife, sister or mother, it’s essential to make the gift matter and worth every penny spent.

For Christmas 2012, we’ve dreamt of all things lavish and luxe that can double as a satisfaction to a women’s fashion craving as well as functional piece in her every day life and they are anything but traditional. We know that diamonds have been declared a girl’s best friend, but this year we’re thinking outside of the little blue box and selecting gifts that show creativity. We’ve opted for lush fur pieces that will keep her warm all winter, geometric shaped cuffs that will reinvent the arm party, and even a onsesie that just begs to be taken to a ski resort. These are the pieces that will win a woman’s heart.

If you’re in the planning stages of gift ideas for Christmas 2012, these items are sure to set off a lightbulb in your head or ready to whip out your credit card (our guide is completely shoppable!) to order some one of a kind gifts for a special (and might we add, lucky) lady in your life, here are the gifts we’d be happy to see under our Christmas trees and we’re sure she’ll be too.

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