Christmas Gift Ideas for Men: 115 great options for the many men in your life

Christmas Gift Ideas For Men
Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

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Fashion Magazine 2012 Holiday Guide

Thinking creatively about holiday gift ideas for men, for us, means appealing to his five senses. It can be your brother, boyfriend, husband or dad on your Christmas 2012 gift list, but our trendy ideas are sure to gain a man’s stamp of approval. Alcohol, socks, and sweaters have been tried and tested gifts for as long as we can remember for gifts for men, but this year we’re taking the basics and adding a twist.

Instead of a 26 of Johnny Walker Black, we’ve found Whiskey Stones which will keep that scotch cold without tainting the flavour like melted ice so often does or if he’s a trendy bike riding man, give him a leather harness that attaches a wine bottle to the frame of his bicycle. To satisfy his sense of smell, cologne may be obvious, but with the wide spectrum of scents on the market, it’s easy to find a scent that matches his personality and also satisfies noses around him. As for the other senses, there’s a hotdog scarf that’s as soft as it is fun and a beautiful faux camera lens mug waiting to drank out of.

The most unique gifts in our editor’s selection appeals to a man’s man. Why not give him a beautifully crafted wooden axe or DIY Ukulele kit? Because coming up with creative gift ideas for Christmas can be tough, we’ve made our list of ideas 100 per cent shoppable from the comfort of your own home.

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