Photography Courtesy of Fendi

Fendi Celebrates Chiara Ferragni’s Birthday with a Surprise Party

Happy 32nd birthday, Chiara!

Today is influencer extraordinaire Chiara Ferragni’s birthday, and the day just wouldn’t be complete without a celebration that’s just as put-together as she is. In honour of Ferragni’s 32nd(!) birthday, Fendi has released another episode of their #MeAndMyPeekaboo series, which celebrates stylish families and their unique bond. (The last episode featured Kim Kardashian frolicking in a field with Kris Jenner and North West.)

In the video, Ferragni celebrates her birthday in high style alongside her mother, sisters, pop star husband Fedez and their adorable French bulldog, Matilda to a thumping soundtrack of Mary J. Blige. It’s a sweet reminder to “love fiercely” — a.k.a. Ferragni’s Instagram bio — and celebrate the special moments in life.

Here’s a Q&A with the superstar herself.

What was it like shooting the video in Rome?

It was great fun to be there with my family and my dog Matilda. I am always fascinated by the Eternal City, you can feel the strong and unequivocal bond between Rome and Fendi.

Do you have any anecdotes from shooting the video on set?

All our followers were waiting for my family and I to come out on the balcony of Palazzo Privé to to say hi to them. By the end of the day there was a huge crowd of people shouting our name on Largo Goldoni asking us to come out, it was magic.

What does Fendi mean to you?

For me Fendi means heritage, craftmanship but at the same time innovation and modernity.

Use three words to describe the Peekaboo.

Timeless, versatile and must-have.

How would you describe yourself? What characteristic do you have in common with the Peekaboo?

I like to change and try new things every year but always remaining true to myself. This is a characteristic that I share with the Peekaboo bag, as it’s versatile but authentic.

Tell us which is an essential could not miss inside your Peekaboo?

My iPhone, as I love to share with my followers what I’m up to, and my passport because I’m constantly travelling.

The Peekaboo is all about secrets. Tell us a secret?

My secret is that I have no secrets, I literally share everything with my followers!