Charlottetown: Recessionista for the holidays

Recessionista (noun): Person who looks wicked awesome even during times of economic crisis.

I usually have trouble getting behind blend words. (I have one friend who always chirping about the latest bromance or tramedy she saw at the theatre, and I find it to be one hundred per cent cringe-worthy.) But recessionista is slang I can get behind, because it perfectly describes the money saving way I do Christmas. Read on for my favourite thrifts and crafty tips.

Thrift In Charlottetown, the best thrift shop is Froggies (pictured, 9 Jordan Cr., 902-892-4606). It’s this giant thrift/costume store that’s renowned for it’s variety. Some of my best finds include a pair of vintage cranberry Nike bowling shoes (for three dollars!), a Dolce & Gabbana lace top from I don’t know when and a Louis Vuitton handbag that I gifted to an obsessed pal.

Record bowls, hand-knit scarves and origami earrings Handmade gifts (that are actually decent) are the best gifts ever. One pal of mine melts old records in the oven and reshapes them into bowls as an original gift for music lovers on her list. Another girlfriend of mine knits Harry Potter scarves for her nerdy giftees. While my most crafty friend turns her origami birds into earrings by attaching little hooks to the end.

The regift The regift has a bad rep. It’s always called tacky, but I think it’s a timeless Christmas tradition, like eggnog, sleigh rides or watching It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s also environmentally friendly. And, when you think about it, what’s so wrong with someone enjoying a gift that would have otherwise just sat on your shelf, never used or never opened?

Whether or not you use these tips, have a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, joyous Kwanzaa and super fun shopping trips!

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