Charlottetown: Jenn Grant is my style Wonder Woman

Fashion bloggers are notorious for getting style crushes on certain starlets and singers to the point of almost obsession. Heather and Jessica of Go Fug Yourself fame are shamelessly impressed (and dare I say in love) with the style prowess that is Anne Hathaway and there are whole sites devoted to the fanatical fan worship of the sometimes stylish and sometimes questionable Olsen twins. As a blogger based on Canada’s East Coast, my style crushes tend to be a little more homegrown. My current favourite is the always-impeccable singer/songwriter Jenn Grant. Originally from Prince Edward Island and currently living in Halifax, Grant filled her second full-length album, Echoes, with some of the most heartbreaking lyrics and stunning East Coast imagery that I’ve heard in a long time. The obvious musical comparison is to Feist, but Grant’s music has less whimsy and more folky romance. As for her infatuation-worthy style, she wears vintage dresses, bright colors, soft fabrics, and just generally seems to carry herself with flair and personality. She basically dresses like someone who’s on her way to a party that I desperately want to attend.

So what’s up next for my favourite East Coast style crush?  This summer Grant will be touring around Ontario for some upcoming festivals and shows promoting her newest release. If you’re itching to hear some of her beautiful music in the meantime then check her website,

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