Charlottetown: It’s all in the eyes with photographer Patrick Callbeck

Images by Patrick Callbeck: Left, Charlottetown artist Jeffrey McGuigan; Right, image from a shoot for local label Sunsets on the Eastside.

Lately, fashion spreads in magazines have been boring me half to death (except this one!). While I’ll always love the originality that old favorites like Bob Richardson still display, I’m getting tired of photographers who produce slick images that focus on only a single aspect of a subject. I just want fashion photography to tell me a story, not sell me some pants. That’s why I’m half obsessed and completely amazed by the fairy-tales and myths that my favourite up-and-coming Island photographer is able to create and portray in a single image.

Patrick Callbeck is your average mega-talent: unassuming, modest, inspired and unique.  His photography stands out because it doesn’t come across as mechanical and over-performed. Instead his photospreads are lively, fun, spontaneous affairs. The art doesn’t just tell a story, it becomes a choose your own adventure novel.  Whenever I decide to spend some time staring

Photography by Patrick Callbeck

at some of the 20-year-old’s images, I always notice the skies and eyes. More specifically, the clouds and sunsets in his work seem to be moving and the eyes of his subjects portray a mood that perfectly matches the fashion. For example, if a model is wearing a light, ethereal dress, her eyes look distant, dewy and dreamy.

To see some of Patrick’s work, check out his Flickr page.  . You might also keep an eye on your local poster scene—Callbeck’s become the go-to photographer for local bands, designers and theatre events.

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