Celebrities by Stylist: Your Guide to Who’s Dressing Who in Hollywood

As you may know, every week we keep tabs on the best-dressed celebs. While we sit back and applaud the stars who top the charts week after week, we should give credit where credit is due. As much as we would like to think the stars are picking out their own red carpet looks each morning, we really should thank the stylists for blessing us with endless wardrobe envy.

We’ve talked to the most influential Hollywood stylists in the past, but with award show season about to start we’re charting some of our faves. First up, Monica Rose. Outside of the industry, she may not be a household name, but if you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians (sorry, couldn’t resist), she’s actually the creative styling brains behind the influential family, as well as some of the coolest girls in the industry. She certainly has her work cut out for her. Not only does she dress the whole Kardashian clan on and off duty (and make sure each look reflects the girls’ individual “styles”), she’s also in charge of their friends’ (ie. the Hadid sisters, Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman and new It girl on the block Kaia Gerber) wardrobes. Toughest job in the industry? We think so.

Stylists are also pros at reinventing a star’s image. Case in point: Céline Dion. ICYMI, she has been causing quite the stir in the fashion scene. The Canadian icon has become a fashion darling overnight, topping the best-dressed charts in Dior, Off-White and Vetements, at couture fashion week. The master behind it all? None other than Law Roach, who also plays stylist “image architect” to Zendaya and Ariana Grande. Apparently the star/stylist relationship bloomed when Dion started following Zendaya after being blown away by how sophisticated she dressed for a 19-year old.

While some stylists have a roster of A-list stars to tend to, others dedicate their life to one shining star. Cases in point: Mel Ottenberg for Rihanna and Brandon Maxwell for Lady Gaga.

So to bring you up to speed on who’s styling who in Hollywood, we rounded up the celebrity stylists of the moment, and who they’re working with. Follow them on social media for the best BTS shots as the stars prep for the red carpet.

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