Side boob: Officially a word in the Oxford dictionary and forever a red carpet staple

sideboob celebrity style
sideboob celebrity style

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Well, the day has finally come; the word “side boob” has been added to the Oxford dictionary (along with other such gems as “subtweet” and “douchebaggery,” just to name a few).

Side boob, the side part of a woman’s breast exposed by a revealing item of clothing, has become a red carpet regular—nay, staple. Who can forget Cara Delevingne’s lacy reveal, or Emma Stone’s gorgeous pink-on-pink at the Met Gala this year, which showed just a touch of cleavage from the side.

The Oxford dictionary regularly adds words that have seen heavy usage. Editors of the digital glossary track and analyze roughly 150 million English words to help determine which ones merit an entry. Not all new entries will make the print publishing cut, however; only ones with staying power, like “selfie” make the coveted transition.

What’s next, #tbt? Maybe #wcw? Only time will tell. In honour of this momentous occasion, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite side boob on the red carpet.

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