Photography by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for IMG Fashion

Canadian Designer Sid Neigum Proves that Cars are the New Couture

If you think about it, catwalks and car showrooms really aren’t that different. The same principles of colour, proportion and textile apply to create luxurious, statement making designs. Whether you’re cruising down the 401 or strolling down Queen Street, what you drive and how you dress can determine if you stand out amongst the crowd.

With this philosophy in mind, Canadian designer Sid Neigum has partnered with Pfaff Automotive to create one-of-a-kind, luxury vehicles—for individuals for whom only the most exclusive, bespoke automobiles will do.

Photography courtesy of Pfaff

Neigum, a well known name in Canadian fashion, is a Toronto-based designer who has shown collections at both London and New Work Fashion Weeks. As a long-time automotive enthusiast, Neigum approaches fashion with the precision and reasoning of a mathematician. For Pfaff customers wishing to specify highly individual and exclusive cars, Neigum’s design services will blend materials, finishes and technology in innovative ways.

Photography courtesy of Pfaff

“Fashion, cars and modern design have always been passions of mine, to be able to partner with Pfaff, the best luxury car dealer in the country, is a childhood dream come true,” said Neigum. “Design principles apply in the same way to fashion and cars. They have to have balance, rhythm, unity, and good proportion. Good design links innovation and creativity.”

Photography courtesy of Pfaff

To launch the collaboration, Neigum has created three special vehicles – an Audi Q7, BMW Alpina B7, and Porsche 911 Carrera S. Pfaff will also be offering Neigum’s design consultation as a service to its clients.