Calgary: Sister act

I grew up with two older brothers and with that came the art of making throwing stars out of soup cans lids and learning to withstand the torture of a good old fashioned snake bite (the arm-twisting kind).  As much as I love my big bros, I was like every little girl in my position–I longed for a sister.  Someone to braid my hair, puffy paint my clothes and a sibling who would appreciate my deep-seated crush on Uncle Jessie.  But, above all, I wanted a sister to share my shoe fetish.

When sisters Jennifer and Laura Ripley open Luna Blue (2611 14 St. SW, 403-244-1644, this past September, it came together organically.  With thriving careers—Jennifer working for the Military Family Resource Centre and Laura as a nurse–they both felt the need to shake things up and pursue their common passion for shoes.  Luna Blue is the kind of store that literally takes your breath away; a showroom of exquisite foot art.

Pendant by Andrea Ripley

To maintain this trendy standard, these siblings are choosy when it comes to their kicks.  My new spring fling, Little Miss Oh (shown, $179) by Irregular Choice, a flirty pair of colourful heels.  While gawking at my new love interest, I noticed some delicate jewellery that could spice up my look even further.  You can imagine my childish envy when I learned there was a third Ripley sister, Andrea—a glass artist whose creations include rings and pendants  (  I can only imagine the countless hours of dress up that took place in the Ripley household.

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