Calgary: First date fashion

Photography by ShaunRon. Model, Fiona Morris

Cupid, the god of love, earned his paycheque this year, helping you snag a first date with your dreamy crush. You’re slightly terrified about the imminent encounter…the looming question of what you’re going to wear is taunting you like a Double Stuf Oreo.

The good news is, ladies, you can stop over thinking this tiny detail, because the truth is, most men really don’t care. Forget pulling out all your Carrie Bradshaw stops, which could send some pretty mixed messages, leaving your date intimidated and wondering how much dinero he’d be out in a long-term relationship with you. Save your gorgeous designer labels for a girls’ night out, where they’ll truly be appreciated. And, woman to woman…please avoid the alternative of dressing like Carmen Electra on the first date. This may get his attention right off the bat, but it certainly won’t hold his affection for long. Don’t get me a wrong, a hint of femininity is key, but this can be done using peek-a-boo styles that leave your man-friend intrigued, but focused on what you’re saying instead of your plunging neckline. After all, isn’t your goal to score a seat at his family’s dinner table?

Photography by ShaunRon. Model, Fiona Morris

Cornelia Wiebe, owner of Leo Boutique (810B 16th Ave, SW, 403-410-9236,, reminisced about her first date with now hubby and co-owner Jon. “I was agonizing about what to wear, I was so smitten with him. But, in retrospect, all of the wardrobe changes were irrelevant. In the end it was all about the connection we made that night.”

While seeking Wiebe’s advice about the best outfit for first impressions, she handed me a gorgeous silk-chiffon Ted Baker blouse (shown, $170). Paired up with an edgy pair of  La Seine boot-cut jeans (shown, $235), it was a perfect recipe for first date fashion. Check out Leo Boutique’s Facebook fan page for photos and designer collections.

Remember, your life does not hang in the balance. It’s just a date. So if you’re going to have a fashion crisis, by all means, let it be about your shoes.

Photography by ShaunRon

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