All the Lessons Learned from Blake Lively’s Week of Suits

It's been a rollercoaster ride.

Blake Lively has been on the road for the past several days, promoting her upcoming film with Anna Kendrick, A Simple Favour. In it, she plays a mysterious, strikingly beautiful character who disappears without a trace. And of course, what is more enigmatic, more alluring, more provocative than… a woman in a suit? For some inexplicable reason, all of Lively’s character’s outfits seem to involve some form of menswear circa 1920, with a fedora, red leather gloves and even POCKET WATCH thrown in for good measure. If that weren’t enough, she seems determined to carry the look over into real life, donning a variety of suits for her publicity appearances. Lets take a gander, and also, maybe take some notes just in case you’re inclined to try these at home.

Look 1: Versace

Neon green is a dish best served in teeny, tiny, amuse bouche quantities. Only to be consumed in full meal proportions if you’re a bonafide movie star, in which case go ahead and push it even further with green accessories AND a hot pink lip.

Look 2: Roland Mouret

Head-to-toe plaid is a cool look, but only if worn with a white tee and minimalist sneakers. How to avoid taking it into prep school uniform territory, you ask? Just don’t reach for a button-up and tie (or side braid). Easy peasy.

Look 3: Zimmermann

To be honest, I’m kind of into this Prohibition Era gangster suit—although the beaded bracelets are a bit of head-scratcher—for its monochrome pinstripes, waistcoat and clean lines. But it’s so, very, costume-y. Don’t attempt this unless you’re headed to an actual costume party or an event with a very specific Al Capone-approved dress code.

Look 4: Brunello Cucinelli

Disclaimer: I love pretty much everything Brunello Cucinelli does and this velvet suit is no exception. I’m into the ’70s vibe and inky blue hue. I’m down with the tousled hair, sans-shirt insouciance. But would I throw another velvet blazer on top of it in 30-degree heat? Maybe not so much.

Look 5: Vivienne Westwood

She looks extremely comfortable, and honestly, what more could one want from a casual day suit? The mauve colour is a refreshing choice, and the frayed hems and brogues add to the Lively’s Day Off vibe.

Look 6: Bottega Veneta

I’m slightly confused by this part-50s housewife, part-preppy school kid look. The clashing patterns, incongruous colours and excessive accessorizing don’t help. I’m afraid even the old Coco Chanel adage—look into the mirror before leaving the house and take one thing off—won’t help with this one.

Look 7: Ralph & Russo

If you’re contemplating a career change to get into the circus as a professional ringmaster, look no further because we found your first-day outfit. But if you’re not, and you just want to embrace the pristine-white-suit look for a cocktail party, go for it—but maybe stay away from the bedazzled blazer.

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