Bhldn: Saving bridesmaids everywhere

For a good swath of us, right now is bridesmaid season, which can be a trying time—if not as hilariously eventful as that of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. It’s those months leading up to summer when showers and bachelorettes have to be planned, decorations consulted upon and, of course, matching dresses bought. Unless your bride-friend is going the “just get a black dress” route (yeah right), this can be torturous exercise in body shape assessment, silhouette negotiation and perusal of thousands of geriatric satin numbers, many of which are composed of highly flammable fibres and aren’t lined properly. Need we mention that those will never be worn again?

It’s a big business, one that J.Crew does rather well at, and the company that owns Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters has noticed; it recently launched, a savvily designed U.S.-based web store (brick ones are to come later in the year) offering atypically whimsical, actually stylish bridesmaid dresses. Exclusive designs from Tracy Reese, Fleur Wood and Catherine Deane can be ordered in multiples and in sizes 0–14, starting at $200. It also sells actual—and very lovely—wedding dresses, as well as vintage-y accessories, lingerie and jewellery by the likes of Erickson Beamon. We’re fond of the mod-ish Gin Fizz Shift, the jazz-club-ready Starburst pleated shift and the simple wasp-waisted Beribboned dress—and the glittery silver Pippa brogues. And there’s not a stitch of polyester in sight.

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