The mascot of the Toronto Raptors, The Raptor, speaks to Drake at an homegame in the fall. (Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

13 Ways to Show You Love the Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors are destined for the playoffs. It's a big deal.

Oh Canada, you know something is happening here when people start complaining about how the Americans haven’t noticed a thing yet. Well that ‘big’ thing is the Toronto Raptors Basketball Team and the big news is not only are they playoff bound, they’re finished first in the Eastern conference. The Toronto Raptors are bonafide championship contenders provided they shake the ‘vulcan-mind-meld‘ that Lebron James has on them.



Seriously, if you do even a brief survey of what has been written about the Toronto Raptors you’ll spot terms like, “slowly gaining respect,” and “undue criticism,” or worst of all,  “it’s time for the Raptors to whither and die.” Yeah, brutal.

It’s even harder for strong, silent type DeMar DeRosan, who ESPN Mark Kriegel described in a beautifully written profile as, “the NBA’s most egregiously undermentioned MVP candidate.”

Well enough already on these slights and oversights (perceived or otherwise) as per the Toronto Raptors. Because it’s on! We’ll be in fair and square. No wild card stuff, no counting fingers and toes to get there, this spot was secured weeks ago. Regular season ends next week and playoff rosters are announced on April 13.

So be strong my dear, dear friend in Raptors, and let your clothes do the talking. Here are 10 things you can wear to show your love for the Toronto Raptors

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