Fall’s Best Loungewear Sets From Canadian Brands

Shop local and stay cozy!

Remember the days when you used to meticulously plan your outfits, considering things like the weather, where you were going after work, or how your over-the-knee, chunky-sole boots were going to fit into your gym locker? No? Us neither.

The new “normal” when it comes to outfit selection is officially a fine balance of a) something appropriate for meetings with whoever forces you to turn on your camera, and b) whatever is comfortable enough to make you feel slightly better about the state of the world.

The present outcome of that equation is the enduring loungewear set, AKA the matching sweatsuit, another trend that has reemerged from the ’90s and onto the backs of every celebrity from Addison Rae to Megan Thee Stallion. That’s because it expertly combines form and function, particularly when it’s done in an elevated fabric, eye-catching pattern or unexpected colour. Clad in a coordinated set, you can answer the door for an Uber Eats delivery without feeling like a mess, but can also avoid that annoying “Who are you dressed up for?” question when you FaceTime with your mom.

If you need more convincing, look to several of the 2021 spring ready-to-wear collections (a season which was unveiled last month, evidently). Veronica Beard did a pale pink half-zip with matching joggers, Rodarte did a branded set with striped cuffs, and Zero + Maria Cornejo did an elevated, silky sweatsuit. 

And, on top of all of that, whenever we do emerge from the pandemic—and emerge, we will!—you can split up your set and keep rocking it in the outside world. Wear the pants with pumps and go full streetwear glam, and pair that hoodie with a floral midi skirt come transitional spring weather.

Because it’s never been easier—or more important—to support local businesses, we found more than a dozen Canadian brands making matching jogger sets that’ll be a welcome and cozy addition to your WFH rotation. Happy shopping!