The Best Items and Outfits to Wear on Instagram, According to Researchers

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Instagram has become a glorious platform for #IWokeUpLikeThis selfies, food porn, celeb stalking and most importantly, snaps of our latest #ootds. With filters like Valencia and X-Pro II, and accounts like @photogenicwalls created by Eva Chen, the app was pretty much made to show off your style in the most eye-catching way possible. Whether you’ve had a friend take multiple in the moment snaps of you acting “natural,” or spent precious hours deciding between filters, we’ve all gone to extreme lengths to get that one Instagram-worthy photo (it’s all about the likes, right?). Now, there’s a new tool that will improve your Instagram photos, starting at the foundation of it all: your outfit.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have developed an algorithm that will analyze your photo and outfit, and make suggestions to improve it. Using, a social website where users show photos of their outfits, researchers analyzed the correlations and patterns between aspects of a post and the interest it gained through likes and comments. As explained in the report provided by the Computer Vision Foundation, “People want to look good; business or casual, elegant or sporty, sexy but not slutty, and of course trendy, particularly when putting their picture online. Our goal is to learn and predict how fashionable a person looks on a photograph and suggest subtle improvements the user could make to improve his/her appeal.”

Aside from assisting you in achieving maximum style potential, the algorithm also assesses the setting or scenery of the photo and suggests locations to show off the look, while Instagram’s new Search and Explore feature makes it easier to find these places. The updated explore page will surface trends as they emerge in real-time, connecting you to events and conversations around the globe. Whether it’s #fathersday or #bonnaroo, we will now be able to view the worlds unique take on any event. In addition to the reimagined feature, Instagram has improved the ability to find the spots that will make you Insta-famous. Now, you can peer in at just about any location on earth, and scout out the hot new restaurant or spa that will make the perfect background to your photo (hello, @photogenicwalls).

After analyzing 144,169 posts on chictopia, factoring traits like beauty, age, mood and scene, researchers concluded that if you want to be more relevant on Instagram (drum roll, please), wear pastel shades, and black (formal or casual) with a bag, sunglasses and heels. Mix in a bold background and voila! Your photo is now worthy of gaining a like or two on Instagram.

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