The best gifts under $10 (for when you’re picking something up on the way to the party)

Best gifts under 10

Back in the day, hitting the convenience store after school with a pocket full of change felt like you’d won the lottery—you could skip home with a bag full of treasures and enough candy to last a whole week. But these days, let’s face it, there’s not much you can buy for under $10.

At this time of year, everyone’s feeling the crunch. No matter how much you try, the holiday shopping, hostess gifts, party planning and glittery heels for the office bash tend to eat up every last bit of available cash. Luckily, not every gift has to be budget busting. Wallet friendly options are out there. Whether you’re on the hunt for something small for someone special or need an emergency back up by for the unexpected reciprocal present, we’ve sourced budget friendly presents to save you and your wallet. And if you need a personal pick-me up, at this time of the year, $7 for an inflatable queen crown is just the right price.