The Baroness

The Baroness: Sarah Slean (Warner)

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for, well, two types of music: Disco-infused, electronic pop and the genre I like to call “Sad Girls Singing”.

So, I’ve been waiting for Canadian Sarah Slean’s new album, The Baroness, with a hanky at-the-ready for months, and she doesn’t disappoint. Love is the drug on this album and Slean’s trademark silky vibrato (sometimes backed by fellow Canadian romantic troubadour Ron Sexsmith) glides through an elegant mix of rich piano and string-based lyrical shouts from the heart. The gentle sounds of the album’s first single, “Get home,” hides a firm rebuke to a cad, and carries you all the way through to the goosebump-y final track, “Looking for Someone”. About the search for a soul mate, the song would be treacle in many people’s hands but in Slean’s becomes an anthem for every urban lonely heart that ever was.

Shown: Sarah Slean. Warner Music Canada.

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