Mattel Introduces the Ashley Graham Barbie

Ashley Graham has ticked off so many boxes: self-love advocate, #womancrushwednesday, model. But now she can also add Barbie to her laundry list of descriptors. The advocate for keeping it real in the body image department could’ve scoffed when Mattel proposed the idea of creating a doll-sized version of Graham, but the model agreed but with one caveat: no thigh gap. She also asked for cellulite, but apparently that’s tough to recreate with plastic. The outfit the doll wears is also something she’s worn IRL (Sonia Rykiel jacket, Opening Ceremony dress and Pierre Hardy boots).

The 57-year-old doll came out in three new body types this year: tall, petite and curvy. Though clearly there are way more body types than that, we’re glad that this generation of kids will grow up with more realistic Barbies to play with (who are we kidding, adults will be collecting these, too). We can’t wait to see who they immortalize in plastic next. Some pretty stellar Barbies include Misty Copeland, Barbie Warhol Doll and—wait for it—the Eva Chen doll.

Graham with her Barbie