April 2012: Letter from the editor

Bernadette Morra
Photography by Vanessa Heins; hair by Roxane Tota; makeup by Sheri Stroh for Plutino Group.
Bernadette Morra
Photography by Vanessa Heins; hair by Roxane Tota; makeup by Sheri Stroh for Plutino Group.

When I was a newspaper reporter, the water-cooler chat often turned to “how we got the story.”

Investigative reporters would describe months spent wooing reluctant sources. Photographers would detail how they wound up in the right place at the right time. And foreign correspondents told tales of bribery and squalor.

Things aren’t quite so dramatic on the fashion beat, but we have our moments.

Runway photographer Peter Stigter, whose images you see throughout every issue of FASHION, often finds himself crammed onto a riser in show venues that are so stifling, the sweat from other shooters rains down on his head.

Location shoots such as “Water World” (page 192) demand physical stamina and emotional fortitude to deal with the vagaries of light, wind and human nature. As legendary fashion photographer Paolo Roversi puts it in “Flash Player” (page 80): “There are a lot of different moods coming onto the set. Models, stylists and assistants are constantly travelling, so there is emotion everywhere. One is happy, one is crying, one is angry, one is sleepy.”

Even interviews can be stressful. “It’s hard to establish a rapport and get people to open up in 12 minutes,” says senior editor Sarah Casselman, who sat down, briefly, with Mugler’s Nicola Formichetti and Sébastien Peigné (page 64).

Sometimes we have to tiptoe around a story, then pounce when the opportunity strikes. Beauty director Lesa Hannah patiently, and politely, stalked press-shy Orlando Pita by email until he finally agreed to an interview—and gave her his personal phone number.

Other times, last-minute page additions have us swinging into action. This issue, photo editor Nicole Stafford and street-style shooter Lewis Mirrett pulled together a Fashion Week diary, “Snap Star,” (page 74) at the 11th hour.

Often you are a part of our stories, and not just because you have sparked an idea by writing a letter. The lipstick I am wearing in this photo is an exclusive Colour Riche shade from L’Oréal Paris that you are invited to name. The contest is just another way we are reaching out to recognize you, our readers, during our 35th anniversary year.

You can find more details at fashionmagazine.com/nameourlipstick.

We hope you enjoy our second annual Behind the Scenes issue as much as we did bringing it to you. Let us know at [email protected].

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