Amazing Baby: Rewild

Okay, I’m too obsessed with synaesthesia. But to me, band du jour Amazing Baby sounds just like black licorice—their dark metal love all glammed over with sugar-high sighs and synthesizers, their nouveau-’70s psychedelia at once familiar (MGMT is the obvious style influencer, but there must be a reason I’m thinking of Wolfmother, too) and a little off (maybe it’s more like ’80s Bowie, after all). Their shaggy head-banging schtick won’t delight all tastes, but if debut album Rewild isn’t in heavy rotation at Urban Outfitters by the end of next week, I’ll eat my “Headdress.”

Speaking of that first big single, whether you love or loathe their epic pretenses, you have to watch the video. The costumes are too fantastic, like watching a 2009 trend report—there’s fur, feathers, sequins, shredding, plaid flannel, tribal jewellery, and yes, some serious headdresses—as montaged by Mary-Kate.

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