Photography via Adidas

Instamodel Adrianne Ho Shares Her Local Favourites in Toronto

Adrianne Ho, the Insta model who has gained over 700k followers for her #fitnessgoals bod and uncanny ability to pull off a sweatsuit, may now be based in LA, but it’s Toronto she calls home. The 28-year-old travels so much she’s started developing routines in other cities; “I go to Shanghai and Beijing all the time, so now I have my trainers there and my workout spots and my favourite spots to eat. It’s the same with Paris,” she says. Now, Ho is now starring in Adidas’ Original is Never Finished campaign, alongside fellow Canadian Kaytranada and our February cover star Dua Lipa(!). We caught up with Ho – on a brown leather couch upstairs at the Adidas Originals store on Queen West – to break down what she loves about the city and where she frequents when she’s back home in the 6ix.

Photography via Adidas

When you’re away traveling so much, what do you miss about Toronto?

I miss my friends and family and being able to walk around, especially when the weather is nice. I don’t think anything beats Toronto in the summer. Everybody is out, there’s so much to do. I love going to Trinity-Bellwoods park, and walking down Queen West. The city is so lively.

Favourite place to eat in Toronto?

I think Sud Forno. They have those bombolone with the Nutella. I had one yesterday, it was so good. Their salads and pastas and pizza are good too.

Favourite place to shop?

Queen West. There’s so many little stores you can just walk along. I went to two of the Adidas Originals stores yesterday (laughs). It was pretty exciting because my posters are in there, so I’m like, “I need to check all of these out.” I also like Aritzia. They do great products and basics at a pretty good price.

Favorite place to work out?

I like to hit classes, so I’ll just do a SoulCycle when I’m here. I hear there’s a Barry’s Boot Camp that just opened up, but I haven’t been yet. I go to the one in LA a lot, so I’m excited to try out the one here.

Favourite place to unwind?

I have a really great physiotherapist, so whenever I’m in Toronto I make sure I see her. She works out of Myodetox Corktown and her name is Jessica Webb. My after-flight routine is to come see her.

Photography via Adidas

Favourite Toronto neighbourhood?

Kensington market. I love walking around that area. I used to live just above there, in the Annex, for a few years. I love that whole little strip.

How did it feel when Adidas selected you to star in their Originals is Never Finished campaign?

I’ve always loved Adidas and worn their product, so when I was asked to be part of the campaign, it was super exciting. I’m an active person so I love being comfortable. Sportswear is always something that I’ve worn, so it’s kind of the perfect fit for how I naturally dress.

Is there anything you think people would be surprised to hear goes into being a well-known Instagram fitness model?

How many of the same photo I take! For every photo that goes up on my ‘gram, there’s probably like 30 versions of the same photo with slightly different angles. It takes up a lot of memory in your phone. (laughs)

What does being original mean to you?

We’re all individuals; so being original is just being unafraid to be yourself. It’s not watching what other people are doing or paying attention to other people, it’s just being you. What I love about the Originals Is Never Finished slogan is that we’re always evolving and changing depending on our experiences, and things we go through in our lives. So if you really are true to yourself, you are always pushing forwards.