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10 Heels That Will Add Colour to Your Spring Wardrobe

So perhaps you’ve already treated yourself to a few new outfits for spring. But then once you get home, you realize your ‘spring’ wardrobe is just far too dark, black to be exact. Now you’re faced with the dilemma of how to make all those new outfits pop, and we’re here to help with one easy tip: Find a bright solid-coloured heel. 

I will admit that my closet is filled with many, many dull hues, but sometimes I want to ditch the dark ensemble and spice it up with a pair of bright heels. While we’re in-between seasons, watching as gloomy skies morph into the orange-hued sunsets of summer, we’ve rounded up a few shoes that will give your outfit its requisite boost. 

See 10 great coloured heels that will look great with a dark outfit.

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