2017 Horoscopes: See What the Stars Have in Store For You This Coming Year

You survived 2016! Before you dive into your New Year’s Eve plans, and even before you start planning your New Year’s resolutions, take a moment to read your 2017 horoscope to find out what’s in store for you both in January and the year ahead.

Whether you want to improve your career, spice up your love life or even find a better living situation, your 2017 horoscopes are your guide to making the most of the year ahead.

Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub. Horoscopes by Kelly Surtees.


You have the perfect placements of Venus and Mars in Pisces to help you relax and unwind. Even though it’s the start of the year, you may keep a low profile. Yoga, meditation and exploring a mystical interest may appeal to you.

Romance may be secretive or you may prefer to keep dating developments private. Keep details of a hot hookup to yourself until you know for sure where you stand with each other. Got a S/O? Plan a winter weekend at a cottage or a wine-tasting.

If your roommate or living situation isn’t ideal, look for something new near the Cancer full moon on January 12, which can bring exciting change in your home life.

Travel, study and new adventures are highlighted as Uranus and Saturn work together from May 11th to 25th and November 5th to 14th. Plan a major or once-in-a-lifetime event then.

Professional progress may come through a supportive partnership or by being in the right place at the right time. Look for a career opportunity or change when Jupiter and Pluto work together from March 24th to April 2nd and August 2nd to 8th.

You may be lucky in love thanks to Jupiter in Libra. You might randomly spot someone special when you least expect it. Got an S/O? Expect them to hit a new high in their own life this year. Celebrations may be in order. Your love situation can change quickly and for the better when Jupiter and Uranus combine in September.


You may be popular with friends or find yourself juggling multiple party invites, especially around January 4th. You have Venus in Pisces helping you mingle and meet new people throughout January.

You may meet a sexy traveller or plan a romantic night away for your S/O when Venus and Mars dance with Pluto on January 11th and 20th. These may be hot dates for romance.

Your career may flourish under the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th. You might hear news about a promotion or apply for a dream job then. A risk you take in your career can pay off.

Get serious about finances for you have wise Saturn in Sagittarius to help you pay off your credit card or save for the future. You may finally take on extra work or discuss how to improve your salary.

A major breakthrough in your career will be possible under the Aquarius lunar eclipse on August 7th. You may decide to strike out in a new direction or pursue a business venture then.

Lucky Jupiter in Scorpio from October 10th can bring exciting possibilities in your love life. Use this once-in-12-years cycle of attraction to meet someone new, or take a big step forward with your S/O. Sorting out how to manage money together may test your relationship. If so, be honest as doing so can deepen your bond.


You can stand out at work this month, especially on January 11 and 20. Extra effort in the office can help you make an unforgettable impression. If you want a new role, discuss options with your boss on these dates too.

Your decision to take charge with money can pay off. As the Sun and Pluto work together on January 7 you might sort out a financial matter, or start a savings plan for the future. An old debt can be repaid.

Saturn may bring you a romantic reality check on the 19th or 28th. If so, don’t waste time with someone who might not be good enough for you.

Your love life may sparkle as Jupiter and Saturn form a supportive angle. New stability in a dating or relationship situation will be possible, especially in August. Jupiter in Libra is working to help make a romantic dream come true. Be open about your feelings as much as possible. You might fall for an older partner, or finally meet someone substantial worth getting to know.

A dramatic solar eclipse in Pisces on February 26th can bring a welcome turning point in your career. A creative or inspired work dream will be worth chasing then, especially if you want more freedom.

Health and fitness may become a top priority once Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 10th. Sign up for a gym membership or personal trainer to help you enhance your wellbeing.

A spur-of-the-moment decision to travel or study, especially overseas, is worth exploring, especially during August.


You might ask probing questions of someone you meet on Tinder, especially if you’re not sure they’re being up-front with you. Honesty in love is a hot topic as the Sun and Pluto join forces on January 7th. Make sure that seemingly perfect someone is who they say they are. Got an S/O? Discuss what you each really want for the future.

You might crave a relaxing getaway or finally get to yoga as the Venus and Neptune join forces on January 13th. Take a break from your regular responsibilities then. A creative, spiritual or intuitive experience can help you rediscover your focus.

Your top goal this year is to sort out your work and health routines. With serious Saturn in Sagittarius you may want to get organized, and find better work/life balance. Discuss with your boss how to better structure your work so you can find time to stay fit.

An online or innovative work offer may be hard to refuse, especially in May or November. An exciting change in your career may appear then. A professional risk you take can pay off, especially if you dream about being your own boss.

Improvements at home or in your living situation are likely, thanks to lucky Jupiter in Libra. You may splurge on your apartment or new furniture, but it’ll be so worth it. Aim to lock in a better deal at home in January or August. You have Jupiter and Saturn on your side then and others may be more supportive of what you want.


Even though you might be super busy at work this month, you’ll want to make time for a special relationship near the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th. A fresh start in love or a dating situation will be possible then. Focus on the future and forget the past.

Extra hours or new responsibilities at work are likely with the Sun and Pluto together in Capricorn until January 19th. You may find the right way to manage a tricky colleague, or realize what your boss really wants from you. A breakthrough at work is possible as you show others what you’re truly capable of.

You have a golden year ahead, thanks to two magical eclipses in Leo. The Leo lunar eclipse on February 10 can help you ditch baggage from the past or heal old emotions. The Leo solar eclipse on August 21st may bring one of the happiest opportunities you have had in a long time. Don’t hold on to what you have outgrown as an exciting new life awaits.

If you’re in a serious relationship you may discuss plans for children or moving forward together, especially in January, May, August and November. This will also be a great time to meet someone solid if you’re single.

Expect your home life to improve when Jupiter tours Scorpio starting October 10th. You might move somewhere more luxurious or take the plunge and buy property of your own. You’ll be ready to take on a bigger project in your living situation. Family may be helpful too.


You may feel confident to make the first move in a dating situation as Mars and Pluto work together on January 11th. A bold suggestion can pay off then so do something you normally wouldn’t. Venus in Pisces also enhances your powers of attraction, which can help you find love and affection. You may be irresistible on January 20.

Time with your friends will be highlighted by the Cancer Full Moon on January 12th so plan a night out with your besties then.

Thanks to the Sun in Capricorn, until January 19th, you may focus on fun, happiness and doing what you love.

With Jupiter glowing bright in Libra you have the best cycle to help you earn more money. Chat to your boss about a raise, bonus or new perks at work. You might find a higher paying role or turn a hobby into a side business. A work from home opportunity will be worth exploring, especially in August.

When you hit a busy period in 2017 opt for a quiet or secluded setting in which to get everything done. You can be productive when working alone or in private, so minimize distractions when you have a big deadline.

If you want more stability in your home situation you may need to take on extra responsibilities. This might mean organizing your flatmates, or simply deciding you want to try living alone. If you’ve been saving hard for a place, you might make a long term move or even buy property thanks to the longer trend of Saturn in Sagittarius.


You might start the New Year with a new fitness routine. Thanks to Mars in Pisces your motivation for exercise or eating well may be sky high. Take advantage of your enthusiasm for getting fit and challenge yourself to a month long goal. Make sure you stay focussed by getting a friend to join you or by splurging on time with a trainer.
Extra effort at work can help you attract positive professional attention under the Cancer Full Moon on January 12th. This will be a great time to promote your talents, IRL or online.

You may start over in love or a dating situation under the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th. Think about where you want to go not where you have been then.

You may have the Midas touch thanks to lucky Jupiter in Libra, until October 10th. Personal growth is top priority so plan time to do more of the things you love. You might take a ‘me first’ approach to life which can help you find better balance. Even if it feels selfish, doing what you want can lead to exciting new adventures.

Your love life might be a bit of a roller-coaster as Jupiter and Uranus face off from September 26th October 1st. Speak up for what you want, even if it might mean opting for an unconventional arrangement in love.

If you don’t see eye to eye with family tension could boil over in March or August. It’ll be important to take a stand for what you want then, especially in your living situation. You’ll be ready to change old patterns too. Think ‘out with the old, in with the new’ for 2017.


Fun, happiness, romance and pleasure are top priorities thanks to Venus, Mars and Neptune in Pisces. You may let go of your fear about being hurt and finally show someone special how you feel. Single? A music event will be a great venue to meet someone creative. Be upfront about how you feel – it can help bring you closer, especially January 11th and 20th.

A breakthrough in a negotiation or contractual matter is possible as the Sun and Pluto join forces on January 7th. Speaking your truth can lead to new freedom and the respect you deserve then.

If you haven’t already started a budget or savings plan do so this year. With Saturn in Sagittarius you have a rare cycle to help you get organized with money. Experiment with different money tracker apps to help you master the mysteries of financial success.

You may hit a new high in your career under the dramatic Leo solar eclipse on August 21st. You ay breakthrough to the next level in your field, or find yourself in a position of power, where others are willing to meet your needs at work. A take charge attitude can help you secure your success then. You may also be rewarded for a stellar professional achievement too.

A new 12-year cycle of lucky starts October 10 when Jupiter enters Scorpio. Plan a special personal experience for later in the year. You’ll want to spoil yourself and may splurge on a five star adventure.


You may want to nest at home, or have friends over rather than constantly hit the clubs. With Venus and Mars in Pisces, you may be a stellar host. Consider a movie night or three, or organize a pot luck for your friends. If you have an S/O, home cooked dinners in can be romantic and help you get back on track with your budget after holiday shopping.

Single? A friend’s suggestion will be worth taking. With Jupiter in Libra your friends are like your lucky charms, so follow their advice where you can.

Money is top of the list for you this January and you have the Sun and Pluto to help you get spending under control. Make January 7th the day you set a budget or update your savings plan and financial goals for 2017.

You have a double luck influence from Jupiter in Libra which is friendly to you until October 10th. Take advantage of any opportunity to broaden your skill set, travel and generally try new things. You’ll be interested to mingle and meet new people, especially in August.

Dating and relationships may be unpredictable but exciting thanks to the longer trend of Uranus in Aries. Expect the unexpected in love this year and get ready to break old patterns and overcome past fears. A welcome love development is possible in May and November, when a sudden turn of events can lead to new stability in your love life.

Friendships may take up extra time and energy in 2017, but you’ll have a growing circle of likeminded people to spend time with. Your generosity towards others can come back to you tenfold so don’t hesitate to help out a friend.


You may enjoy being in the spotlight as the Sun tours Capricorn until January 19th. You might shop for clothes for the new season or splurge on a new accessory. If you want to transform your look, style, attitudes, habits or fitness levels, start a new personal routine on January 7th, when your power peaks. Others may find you irresistible then. Channel Pluto’s influence into that major transformation you dream about.

You can improve your income near the Aquarius New Moon on January 27th. This once a year event is perfect for discussing pay with your boss, negotiating a raise or looking for extra work.

Expect stellar developments in your career. With Jupiter in Libra onside there is nothing you can’t do. You might study or travel to improve your career prospects, or finally start looking for a job you really want. Improvements of all kinds are likely in your work life this year. A little effort can take you a long way so take action to make a professional dream come true.

A radical change to your finances will be possible thanks to a series of dynamic eclipses. You might find out something you own is worth more than you thought, or that you have an unexpected inheritance coming your way. Watch for happy news about money in February and August.

You might move a lot this year, or finally organize that decorating project you have had in mind. Triggers to Uranus in Aries in May, September and November may bring change or new freedom to your living situation.


Once the Sun enters Aquarius on January 19th you may feel like you’re finally ready for 2017. If you can, lay low until then. It might even be worth delaying setting your new year’s resolutions until January 27th, which brings the New Moon in Aquarius. This is your personal re-start date so plan to start chasing your 2017 dreams after then.

You might spot a bargain – or three – at the holiday sales. With Venus and Mars in Pisces you may be in the mood to shop and find it hard to resist a bargain. Treat yourself to a fun purchase, especially January 11th and 20th.

2017 looks like a great year to study, even if you already have a qualification. With Jupiter in Libra, you may get clear on which course to take, or realize extra training will put you in a better position work wise.

Travel is also highlighted this year, and you may plan a once in a lifetime adventure. An exotic or overseas destination may prove irresistible. A big travel splurge can repay in you more ways than you expect, especially in May, August and September. Consider going with a group of friends if you prefer not to travel alone.

Your love life may lead you into unchartered territory thanks to an exciting eclipse in Leo on August 21st. Following your heart rather than your head can pay off then and a wild relationship choice may lead to new happiness. You’ll be impatient to move forward with someone special.


You may find the solution you have been looking for regarding a work situation after January 7th. Communication planet Mercury gets back on track in Sagittarius then which can help you solve a career conundrum that has been on your mind. You might also get a second chance regarding a work dream then too.

Take time for yourself, especially if you had a crazy December. With Mars in Pisces you’ve got extra energy and drive and will want to focus on a pet project. Clarify your goals for the year; 2017 can bring exciting and fast paced progress your way.

Friends and allies can provide timely support, so ask for any help you might need, especially near January 11th and 20th. As Pluto gets involved then you can make a major change or breakthrough.

You may set yourself a bold career challenge, or take charge to create the kind of work life you really want. The final 12 months of Saturn in Sagittarius can help you put better routines in place to succeed at work. An exciting turn of events may lead to a raise or extra income when Saturn and Uranus join forces in May and November.

A dramatic eclipse in Pisces on February 26 can help you leave behind baggage from the past, and take action about a special life dream. The closer your birthday is to this date the more profound changes you can make. Trust your instincts about the people and possibilities you want to keep in your life and those you want to let go of.

With Jupiter in Libra you might succeed in paying down debt or saving more for the future. If you have a partner, it might be easier to take money with them than you think.

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