1930s designers predicted jumpsuits, iPhones and Alexander Wang

Our favourite source of circa 1930s news, Pathetone Weekly: The Spice of Variety, presents a look at what American designers thought fashion would look like in the aughts. Some of the details are alarmingly accurate. Let’s examine:

Runway by Peter Stigter

“One dress of the future will consist of transparent net.” Like this one from Alexander Wang’s spring 2009 line. We assume it’s function is also “probably to catch the males.”

Runway by Peter Stigter

“Shoes will have cantilever heels.” The ones on the right are Marc Jacobs Spring 2008. Creepy right? These too:

John Galliano Spring 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

Okay, skirts may not have disappeared entirely, but I think we’ve seen a few of these jumpsuit things around in recent years. We just wish our belts would “adapt the body to climatic changes.” That would be so handy.

“As for him, if he matters at all, there won’t be any shaving, colours, ties or pockets.” The jumpsuit is more ’60s Pierre Cardin, but they did predict the portable telephone and radio. Sadly, no one really carries “candy for cuties.”

[Video via Kottke]

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