There’s Now a Holiday Gift Collection for Ranch Dressing Lovers

I'll take a ranch keg with a side of mini carrots, please.

Do you love a good condiment? Do you have no idea what to ask Santa for this Christmas? If you answered yes to the following questions, you’re in luck: Hidden Valley Ranch Outlet just dropped the most epic holiday collection of ALL. TIME. (Because the holidays are about asking other people for the things you’d never spend your own hard-earned money on, right?)

Major brands are finally realizing that food isn’t for eating, food is a ~*lifestyle*~. KFC has gone high fashion, Taco Bell teamed up with Hayley Elsaesser to make a TaCoat, and McDonalds is making Big Mac rain coats for your dog. And now, with Hidden Valley’s new holiday collection, you can take your ranch via tap, dip in it a la fondue, put it on your Christmas tree and wear it on your feet. Basically, you can incorporate your favourite salad dressing into the most important parts of your life.

Check out some of our favourite items from Hidden Valley’s holiday collection in the gallery below.