Photography via Bon Appetit

10 No-Cook Summer Recipes For When It’s Too Damn Hot Outside

It’s a blazing 30-degree day, humid and muggy. You’re sweating from your walk or commute home. The last thing you want to do is switch on your stove or oven and COOK DINNER. We got you. Below, 10 delicious—and easy!—summer recipes you don’t need to stand over a hot stove for.

Smashed chickpea toast with harissa yogurt
Tired of avocado toast? These lemony, mashed chickpeas over spicy-tangy harissa yogurt will likely become your new favourite toast topping.

Recipe and photo via Bon Appetit

Spiralized zucchini noodles with a mint-parsley-pepita pesto
No spiralizer? No problem. You can buy spiralized zucchini at most grocery stores, which means the only “cooking” you have to do is blitzing the pesto ingredients in a blender. Feel free to add some of your favourite crunchy vegetables, like bell peppers or carrots, on top.

Recipe and photo via Goop

Peanut butter overnight oats
Overnight oats are my go-to breakfast every single day of the week. I change the mix-ins often enough to never get bored—from mixed berries to apples and cinnamon, to unsweetened cocoa and honey—and also add toppings like hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds or flaxseed for texture and fibre. All you really need is a few minutes to combine them with oats and milk the night before, and you’ve got yourself a grab-and-go breakfast when you’re rushing out the door!

Recipe and photo via Minimalist Baker

Avocado egg salad
Another go-to for the days when I’m too lazy to do much more than assemble ingredients is this egg salad (bonus: it’s super healthy. No mayo in sight!). I usually keep a few hardboiled eggs in the fridge for post-workout snacks, and when there’s avocado on hand, you don’t need much else for a quick and filling meal.

Recipe and photo via Pinch of Yum

Tuna, chickpea and beet salad
Again, the bulk of this recipe is assembly: whisking the dressing, and tossing together the greens, chickpeas, beets and tuna.

Recipe and photo via Martha Stewart

Watermelon-tomato gazpacho
What’s better on a hot day than a chilled bowl of soup? This recipe calls for a seasonal twist on the classic gazpacho by incorporating watermelon into the mix.

Recipe and photo via The New York Times

Cold lentil salad with cucumbers and olives
If you’d rather not cook lentils on the stove, just go for a pre-cooked canned version. (I always keep canned chickpeas, black beans and lentils in the pantry for quick fixes like these.) So all that remains to be done is chopping up the cucumbers, mixing the vinaigrette, and tossing the rest of the ingredients together, and you’ve got yourself a meal high on protein and veggies.

Recipe and photo via The Kitchn

Salmon poke bowl
They may have been the food trend of 2017, but these Hawaiian bowls are still as popular today. Though the traditional recipe calls for tuna, you can swap it out for whatever fish you prefer. This one calls for salmon with avocado, carrot, cabbage and edamame. Only caveat: rice serves as the base, so you might have to bend the no-stove rule just this once.

Recipe and photo via Chatelaine

Chinese chicken salad with red chile peanut dressing
Pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home and your meal is already halfway done. All that’s left to do is chop and mix the veggies, and blitz together a quick spicy peanut dressing with ingredients you likely already have on hand.

Recipe and photo via Food Network

Raw date hazelnut brownies
The biggest obstacle to homemade brownies in the summer? Putting on the oven. This recipe sidesteps that with its raw take on the classic. Be sure to pick up toasted hazelnuts so you can skip step number one.

Recipe and photo via Deliciously Ella