Apple’s New App Clips Will Turn You Into an Instant Filmmaker

Listen up, Apple users. Get your IOS updated—stat—because Clips will be your new favourite app, released today. (The best part? It’s free!) Get ready to play!

In basic language, Clips allows you to make quick, easy and fun videos without all the scary video editing that may have deterred you from creating your own content. Check out our Instagram for our first #clips movie!

Check out of first video edit of our May issue with the new app #Clips, go download it now!

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Here are a few of the standout features:

It’s user-friendly

Touch and hold the red button to shoot live video and photos or add them from anywhere in your library—no matter when they were taken. You can also drag and drop each clip to change the order in the timeline.

Live titles

You can create animated titles and captions using just your voice. Captions are generated automatically as you speak and match the timing of your voiceover. So when you speak slowly, or pause, it will be reflected in your titles.

Fun effects

Give your photos and video clips a comic-book look or drop in animated speech bubbles, arrows, banners and emojis! You can also add customizable full-screen posters to help tell your story.

Smart sharing

We love this part the most! When you’re done, Clips suggests people to share with via Messages based on who is mentioned in your voiceover or included in photos (WHAT?!). You can also send your videos directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other popular social media sites. We sent ours to our Instagram—go check it out!