Maripier Morin Apologizes For “Reprehensible Behaviour”

The 'Hockey Wives' star was accused by singer Safia Nolin of harrassment, physical assault and racism

A reckoning has come for yet another figure in Canadian media accused of abusing their privilege: Reality star Maripier Morin has apologized for what she calls “reprehensible behaviour” after singer Safia Nolin made allegations of harassment, physical assault and racist statements on Instagram. Here’s everything we know so far.

Who is Maripier Morin?

For those not familiar, Maripier Morin is probably best known for being one of the leads on Hockey Wives, the Real Housewives-style reality show that aired from 2015 to 2017. (At the time, Morin was married to former Montreal Canadien player Brandon Prust; they split in 2019.) She has a considerable Insta following—548K—and founded Ornorm swimwear, whose brand ethos, per the website, is “to be there every step of the way as you blossom to your full potential.” Within Canada’s French-language media, she’s a well-known face as a TV host.

Who is Safia Nolan?

Safia Nolin is French-Canadian pop-folk singer-songwriter whose 2015 debut, Limoilou, was long-listed for the prestigious Polaris Prize. She’s since released several well-received albums, and shared openly about her childhood experiences of bullying and mental health challenges.

What are the allegations Safia Nolin made against Maripier Morin?

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, July 7, Nolin shared details of an incident that she says happened in a Montreal bar in May 2018. Writing in French, she says that one of the “most popular women on Quebec television assaulted me,” before detailing a series of unwanted advances that Morin made toward her. “She flattered me and was two inches from me, and I was like a block of ice,” Nolin wrote. She also alleges that Morin made racist remarks towards a Black bartender. Nolin goes on to say that Morin physically assaulted her by biting her thigh, leaving a bruise that lasted for two weeks. In the conclusion to her post, Nolin says that just because the person who did this was a 4”11 woman, didn’t mean that what happened to her wasn’t sexual harassment.

How has Maripier Morin responded?

Yesterday, Morin responded with a series of Instagram Stories. Writing in French, she begins by saying how much she admires Safia Nolin as an artist, and among other things, her outspokenness. Morin then goes on to share her recollection of that evening’s events—essentially, “we were all just partying together after a show, having fun”—before sharing that she only realized later that her behaviour that evening was “reprehensible,” and says she is “deeply sorry.” In her post, Morin actually shares that she tried to get in touch with Nolin to talk, but Nolin declined.

Has there been any fallout for Morin as a result of these accusations?

As of now, there’s no indication that any criminal charges will be laid. However, Morin has also been dropped by at least one brand, Blush, a lingerie company she recently collaborated with on a collection.