10 Women You Should be Watching on YouTube

These women are redefining the entertainment industry, and they're doing it on their own terms.

Women around the world are embracing YouTube as a platform for creative expression, community and entrepreneurship. Whatever your story, whatever your niche interest, you can find people on YouTube who are interested in sharing your passions and your experience; whether it’s popping pimples, ASMR ear cleaning or bird sounds for cats.

YouTube spokesperson Nicole Bell says that the website works for women in two ways: “The first is that there are no conventional gatekeepers, which allows women to invent their own roles and set their own boundaries. There is no one telling you what to say, what to wear or how to look. As a result, we see more women who perhaps don’t fit the conventional model for the types of people that are usually on television –there’s less airbrushed perfection and I think that women respond to that feeling of authenticity. The second part is that women retain complete control of their intellectual property when they start their own YouTube channel–they become creative entrepreneurs who are running their own business.

Here are ten women on YouTube you should be watching right now:

hot for food

Subscribers: 377,063 

Lauren Toyota, Canada’s favourite MuchMusic VJ turned vegan influencer, is the creative genius behind hot for food, where shares her love (and talent) for vegan comfort cooking. Check out her channel for festive food recipes, packed lunch inspo and all things tasty, fun and vegan.


Subscribers: 1,334,716 

Toronto-based beauty vlogger Rachel Cooper started RachhLoves YouTube channel as a creative outlet from her marketing job. She now also runs RachhLovesLife, an outlet for her to share parenting and lifestyle tips with her massive online community. Check out her channel for makeup reviews, product hauls and all kinds of beauty tips from a bubbly personality.

April Wilkerson

Subscribers: 535,442 

A self-taught woodworker, April Wilkerson started her YouTube channel as a way to share her projects with others. As her audience grew, she began to realize that YouTube offered a way for her to turn her passion into a thriving business and two years ago she quit her day job to become a full-time DIY woodwork vlogger. Check out her channel to learn how to build your own work bench or how to build a backyard chicken coop.

Hot and Flashy

Subscribers: 259,827

Angie is beauty vlogger whose makes content for women in their hot-flash years. Angie is putting a real face on fashion and beauty trends for women over 50, sharing her how-to’s and product tutorials that consider the needs of older women. Check out her channel for anti-aging skin care tips, eyelid-lifting eyeshadow tutorials and best to worst product rankings.

How to Cake It

Subscribers: 3,382,971 

Yolanda Gampp is the self professed Beyoncé of cakes. Gampp works with content creators Connie Contardi and Jocelyn Mercer to collectively run one of the most successful food channels on YouTube. Check out their channel for all kinds of “how to cake it” recipe videos, from Stranger Things waffles to a giant pun pencil.

Aysha Abdul

Subscribers: 131,378 

Aysha’s channel offers something mainstream media doesn’t: representation for black Muslim women who don’t often see themselves reflected in traditional beauty publications. In just a few months, she has amassed a dedicated audience and is redefining what it means to be beautiful. Check out her channel for Eid look books, skin care routines, beauty tutorials, turban style scarf tutorials and more.


Elle Lindquist

Subscribers: 140,698 

Parenting, and lifestyle vlogger, Elle Lindquist, has created a space where women can go to “do mom life together.” Check out her channel for decluttering tips, pregnancy stories and for a natural live birth video with 19 million (!!!) views.

Lauren Messiah

Subscribers: 36,089

Lauren Messiah is an LA-based personal stylist who uses YouTube to give real-life style advice to real women. Check out her channel for style rules, fashion hacks and a job interview dressing series titled “Dress for the Job You Want.”

The Domestic Geek

Subscribers: 1,255,425 

Sara Lynn Cauchon started The Domestic Geek as a personal creative outlet while working a day job as a television producer. Now she employs four full-time staff members and calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur.” Check out her channel for all kinds of recipes, from salad in a jar to healthy breakfast cookies.

Cat & Nat

Subscribers: 36,168

Motherhood is tough. Funny videos help. Cat and Nat are real moms with real stories, and a very real, very hilarious friendship. Check out their channel for the duo’s infamous #MOMTRUTH car videos, where they talk about sex, marriage and cliche mom sayings.

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