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These Were Canada’s Top Trending Videos in 2017

You need to watch these videos.

It’s that time of year again! YouTube Rewind is here to pinpoint Canada’s most popular videos in 2017. This year Canadians headed to the video platform to gasp as a sea lion got a bit too frisky, to giggle as a toddler stole popcorn from Prince Harry and to fall in love with falling in love. We all watched April the Giraffe give birth to her baby, Tajiri, live in front of an audience of 1.2 million, setting a new record for the most popular livestream on YouTube. And we held our breath as a moose and a wolf squared off in a Northern Ontario lake.

What does our fascination with animals, royals and suspenseful moments say about us a a country? Here are eight things we can learn about Canadians based on our 2017 watching, clicking and sharing habits.

8. In a Heartbeat – Animated Short Film

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS are accepting, inclusive and very romantic. And, we don’t shy away from a good cry.

7. Sneaky toddler steals Prince Harry’s popcorn

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS are obsessed with all things Prince Harry. Whether he’s smoking pot, having a panic attack or kissing Meghan Markle, we’re watching.

6. Woman interrupted during BBC interview

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS appreciate women and recognize working moms as multi-tasking superheroes. Oh, and we have a great sense of humour.

5. Northern Ontario Moose vs Wolf

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS are just as Canadian we everyone thinks. Would anyone else, anywhere else, watch a six-minute video of a wolf swimming after a moose? I don’t think so.

4. Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS understand what a real athlete looks like. Tim Hortons should be sponsoring this guy!

3. Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS aren’t grossed out by Mother Nature. And apparently, we have enough time to watch a 40-minute livestream of a giraffe giving birth. Warning: You won’t be the same once you watch this.

2. Eminem Rips Donald Trump

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS are just as invested in U.S. politics as Americans. (And we really enjoy watching famous people take down Trump.)

1. Sea lion drags girl into Steveston waters

THIS TELLS US CANADIANS are extremely predictable. This video combines all the things we love most: cute children, wild Canadian animals, an unlikely hero and a little bit of buzz-worthy controversy. We can’t wait to see what goes viral in 2018.

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