Wonder Woman Breaks Box Office Records, and Here’s Why You Should Care

The people have spoken (with their words AND their wallets): Wonder Woman is officially DC Comics Extended Universe’s highest rated AND highest earning movie to date.

The highly-hyped summer blockbuster has action, humour, heart and a badass female lead played by celeb-of-the-moment Gal Gadot. With its 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and $330.533 million gross domestic earnings so far, Wonder Woman is burning through box office records. The film has now surpassed Man of SteelBatman v Superman and Suicide Squad at North American box offices, making it the biggest hit Warner Bros. has produced with DC Comics.

Guys, it’s already exceeded the unadjusted earning of every movie in the Twilight Saga and every 2D Harry Potter movie, and is expected to become one of the biggest female led-movie in Hollywood history. Director Patty Jenkins should be giving herself a pat on the back, because Wonder Woman is officially the highest-grossing movie from a solo female director.

So what’s the big deal?

In case you didn’t already notice, big-budget female superhero movies are frustratingly rare. And what’s even more rare is that these movies seldom reach the critical and box office success of their male counterparts.

However, Wonder Woman is proof that audiences will spend their money to see a superhero movie with a female character at its centre. (And they will love it, gush about it to strangers on the subway, and then go see it again. Like I did.) It proves men don’t deserve a monopoly on superheroes and big-budget action flicks, both in front and behind the camera. It proves genitals don’t determine how well you can throw a punch, or how well you can direct one from the sidelines.

By any and all metrics, Wonder Woman has been a massive success. And really, should we be surprised? Female superheroes are important. Female directors are important. Let’s hope Hollywood gets the message and badass women keep showing up on the big screen.